Zeus updated for 10.6.8

Zeus updated for 10.6.8
June 25, 2011 Oskar

Zeus is updated with netkas QECI Patch for excotic cards (ATI 4890) in 10.6.8.

You can update your previous version of Zeus by going to Driver > Get updates, or download from


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  1. Ludor 8 years ago

    And fast, too! Many thanks.

  2. Dave 8 years ago

    As usual no luck with my Sapphire 4890 New Edition. Still works under 10.6.6 without problem (but using the 10.6.3 patching method). I’m a little confused as this was one of the cards clearly on the recommended list and I had to go out of my way to get one. Will this card ever be supported fully by Zeus? It would be really nice if that was to happen. I tried just the 10.6.8 update via. Zeus, then I tried updating with the 10.6.3 patches method. Neither method worked for me under 10.6.8. (Repaired permissions after both attempts of course.)