zeus update, instructions

zeus update, instructions
March 29, 2010 Oskar

update function was broken in zeus. if you have zeus, please delete and redownload fixed:
Download Fixed Zeus

now you can update to 10.6.3. then go to zeus and Driver and click Update button.
After update you will have 10.6.3 patch by netkas in the OS list. install and reboot. done!

patch also fixes dual dvi issue.

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  1. Rickard 10 years ago

    Tack för att du fick din uppdatering så snabbt. Tyvärr verkar det inte funka till 100% för mitt 4890. Så fort man gör något t.ex. går in i exposé eller öppnar program så blir det någon grafisk glitch på skärmen (horisontala streck). Är det någon annan som har samma problem? (har självklart startat om datorn efter installation + uppdatering)

  2. Cindori 10 years ago

    If you have problems try redownload update from apple. then after install, apply patch BEFORE reboot.

    this has worked before when ppl had issues after patching.

  3. Rickard 10 years ago

    Didn’t work, but thanks for the tip. Any other suggestions?

  4. Cindori 10 years ago

    netkas first patch was bad, he has fix on his blog now.

    the good patch is now in zeus.

  5. Emilio 10 years ago

    I have ATI RADEON HD 4890. Works fine in 10.6.2
    My system has automatically updated to 10.6.3 and restarted. Lots of flickering lines on the screen. I used the tool Zeus, in section I selected ATI Driver and 4000 Series and operating system OSX 10.6.3 and I have to download. I installed the application you have downloaded and I’ve reinicidado, but still not working, it works even worse than before. Any suggestions please …

  6. Cindori 10 years ago

    netkas patch was bad, again, now the working one is in zeus. reinstall it.

  7. Emilio 10 years ago

    ok, now working fine with fix to fix patch.. 😉

  8. nume 10 years ago

    Hello Cindori,

    i tried to install the fixed patch using zeus on my freshly updated system and after a restart the system freezes at the apple logo.

    Is it possible that the new drivers are not compatible with the 64Bit mode? I changed my boot.plist to always start in the 64bit mode and maybe thats the problem.

    Can you give me some hints, since i got a frozen system now?



  9. Taylor X 10 years ago

    I have a XFX 4890 ZSFC V1.6 in a hackintosh, that was working fine with 10.6.2, Now I no longer have working graphics but a black screen with the updated patcher 🙁

  10. nume 10 years ago

    fixed the problem myself. booted up in safe mode, changed the boot.plist back to 32bit mode and now i got a working screen.

    but i do have huge graphic problems – i get the flickering lines while using opengl apps (settlers 7) and i get some crazy “block-patterns” when the system starts up.

    would be great if you could look after that!



  11. FinnisHer 10 years ago

    Thank’s for the good work!

    I have that same flickering problem after updating 10.6.2 -> 10.6.3. I have tried all things mentioned here. Same problems that nume has, I think. I cannot run games etc.

    My card is Sapphire 4890 1Gt.

    Have you any ideas what could help? It work just fine before OSX update.

  12. nume 10 years ago

    btw another issue is the fan noise of the card…since the update the fan is running on high speed permanently…

    cheers nume

  13. Cindori 10 years ago

    please check the blog post above this one. thx

  14. Robert Collins 10 years ago

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  15. igor13 10 years ago

    dual cards with Zeus ?

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