Zeus Released

Zeus Released
March 12, 2010 Oskar

Zeus Flashing Tool released!



Name Change

The tool ATI Flashing Tool is discontinued with the adding of Nvidia support. The new flasher tool is called Zeus. Yep, like the big greek guy throwing lightning bolts.

Nvidia Support
Zeus offers the ability to flash and dump the ROM from Nvidia cards that are initialized under OSX (=they must be running properly first).

Built-In QE CI Patch Downloader
The old ATI Flashing Tool had Netkas QECI patches bundled inside the app. This took alot of space for files that some people didnt even use. So I created a built in downloader. Simply select the patch you would like and the app will fetch it from my server.

Safer Flashing
The biggest problem with ATI Flashing Tool was that you had to remove other ATI cards to prevent them from being flashed too. This is fixed in Zeus. Now, only cards compatible with the ROM should be flashed. This means that you do no longer have to install injectors and crap if you’re upgrading from the x1900 or other ATI Cards.

Smaller App
Thanks to the QE CI Downloader and other adjustments, the app has shrunk to 10% the size of ATI Flashing Tool!

Injectors Fixed
The last version of ATI Flashing Tool tried to take use of customized injectors to provide wider support for cards. Sadly the install did not work out. Now, only the original Natit installer from Netkas is now available, providing a working injector but not compatible with all cards versions.

Driver Check
Hardware Info app from ATI Flashing Tool has had a makeover and is now called Driver Check. It now sports a Close button to properly exit the app.

Flashing Message Adjusted
ATI Flashing Tool gave a notification of Successful Flash even though the flash actually failed. Now, a true Success or Fail message has been implemented.

Minor Fixes
Application now properly quits when window is closed.
The logo is no longer a button.
All documentation is gathered under the Help tab.
Indeterminate progress bar added for flashing.

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