Zeus 2.2 – QECI

Zeus 2.2 – QECI
November 11, 2010 Oskar

Zeus 2.2 released

  • Slightly better support for Macbook and alot of other GPU in Nvidia section (not 100% working properly)
  • QECI for 10.6.5 (Radeon 4890) added

  • List of GPU that should have improved support:

    If you have Zeus you can update from File>Check for Updates
    or just use the normal Zeus download link


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    1. Ludor 9 years ago

      Ah! Excellent. Many, many thanks.

    2. crypto7 9 years ago

      Awesome… thanks again! I’ll send you some Ramen money 🙂

    3. Cindori 9 years ago

      cheers, ramen pancake tonight =)

    4. Eric 9 years ago

      Thanks for the update as always! Unfortunatly, all it did was get rid of my screen tearing and artifActs still no quartz support. I’m thinking of redownloadig the combo update, restarting, then installing10.6.5 patch, the. Rebooting. Any other ideas?

    5. otior 9 years ago

      Card: GT216 [GeForce GT 330M]
      Card number: 1
      Memory clock: -8589935.000 MHz
      GPU clock: -8589935.000 MHz

      seems quite right, not.
      issues with 64bit kernel?

    6. Cindori 9 years ago

      As it says in the post, the support for Macbooks are not 100%. Temperature should be working for you now, at least.

    7. andrew 9 years ago

      My iMac 20 2.4 GHz – its graphics are the ATI HD 2400 (128mb), I have
      a GF 9600M GT (512MB DDR3) MXM II slot – generally all fit, but the
      problem appears after activating the iMac – the OS X (SL ), XP, Ubuntu
      – the matrix, or twitch. I tried around with the files. kext
      responsible for the maintenance nVidia, but substitutions ID for GF
      9600M GT resulted in nothing, hackintosh programs, just blew the
      system. It really is only a flash card – just where to suck the poppy
      ROM to the GF? Any ideas?
      As for flash, this will not be a problem, just paralares, xp, true
      viewer and soft for flashing .. so that I can on OS X, which normally
      starts (no active video card) to change the ROM.

      Do you have an idea to overclock ATI HD2400XT? Maybe there is a way to
      add a RAM virtual memory? Or, how to obtain ROM GF 9600M GT?

    8. Aitor 9 years ago

      Still no Quadro FX4500 support, Maybe the next version of ZEUS? 🙂

    9. 1BadMac 9 years ago

      Still getting

      Card: Unknown Nvidia card
      Card number: 1
      Memory clock: -2147483.750 MHz
      GPU clock: -2147483.750 MHz

      Is there anything I can do to get it to recognize the 320m in the MacBook Pro? Temperature is also not working.

      Good work though on the rest! Glad to see this is coming along. Look forward to future updates!

    10. msco 9 years ago

      I have a XFX 4890 HD-489x-zsfc v 1.6 – updated to 10.6.5 and tried to patch the driver with zeus, but every time I try QECI is still is not enabled. Do I have to re-flash with a different rom or am I missing something? I’ve got dual monitors up and no other gfx issues but can’t seem to get QECI enabled. any ideas?

    11. Ludor 9 years ago

      No 10.6.6?

      Buy you a skrovmål and a couple beers…

    12. Cindori 9 years ago


      It’s out now, try updating zeus:)

    13. Ludor 9 years ago


    14. 1BadMac 9 years ago

      Any luck on getting this tool to work for nVidia 320M? Will buy you a case of beer. 🙂

    15. Michael 9 years ago

      Hi! Please answer, AGP Zotac 7600GS 256 Mb- will You brake my hopes??? )))

    16. Michael 9 years ago

      And answer, please, Could I flash my card for use in Hackintosh?

    17. Cindori 9 years ago

      Flashing is for Mac Pro, Hackintosh does not benefit from flashing.

    18. Radiation 9 years ago


      Thaks for the tool!

      Will the card still work in windows after flashing?

      I’m Using Gigabyte Readeon HD 4870×2 is there a download link of a ROM for me please?