Trim Enabler

Enhance your SSD

Trim is must-have feature for most Solid State Drives. It not only increases data writing speeds, but it increases the lifetime of the SSD itself

Monitor your disks

The detailed S.M.A.R.T monitor will provide performance and health relevant statistics and reports about your disks, both Hard and Solid State Drives

Advanced Tweaks

Access advanced OS X tweaks to improve your SSD’s performance or free up to several gigabytes of disk space – it’s as easy as flipping a switch

Benchmark Feature

Measure SSD or hard drive speeds and filesystem performance with the super-easy-to-use Benchmark feature

Bringing Trim to Mac OS X

Trim Enabler is the first and safest utility for enabling Trim in Mac OS X. With the flip of a switch you can improve the speed and longevity of your Solid State Drive.

What is Trim?

Every time you delete a file on your computer, the data still stays on the drive in segments called blocks. These blocks are not deleted until you need to use them again to write new data. Due to technical limitations in the NAND Flash design, only whole blocks can be deleted. This means that when you need to write new data, the SSD must perform time-consuming cleaning and maintenance of these blocks before your data is written. With Trim, your blocks can be cleaned instantly when you delete the data, leading to many fewer operations during the writing process which gives you better speeds and minimizes the wear on the drive.


Is my SSD supported?

Any SSD (internal or external) with Trim support should work with Trim Enabler. Please make sure your drive has the necessary firmware version in order to support Trim.

Does Trim work with Fusion Drive?

Yes, it works fine!

What about RAID?

Trim in RAID depends on the RAID drivers. If you are using OSX software RAID 0 then it should work fine, but hardware RAID generally does not support Trim.

My SSD has Garbage Collection (GC), do I need Trim?

GC and Trim are not the same thing. As a matter of fact, they work well together. The SSD Review did a great article describing the benefits of using both features together.

Trim Benefits

AJA System Test Read, Samsung 840 Pro

Fresh drive without Trim 491 Mb/s
Fresh drive with Trim 492 Mb/s


Used drive without Trim 467 Mb/s
Used drive with Trim 512 Mb/s

AJA System Test Write, Samsung 840 Pro

Fresh drive without Trim 466 Mb/s
Fresh drive with Trim 465 Mb/s


Used drive without Trim 445 Mb/s
Used drive with Trim 484 Mb/s

Benchmarks carried out by Tomshardware