TRIM Support Enabler 1.1

TRIM Support Enabler 1.1
March 28, 2011 Oskar

Whats new:

  • Fixes problems with long boot times
  • Restore driver button
  • Backup driver button
  • Automatic updates

Will add a page for TRIM Enabler explaining the app…


Did you already patch and don’t have backup to restore?
You can try using Restore and selecting Default driver.

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  1. Justin 9 years ago

    How about a download link for 1.1?

  2. Cindori 9 years ago

    there 😉

  3. beefcoder 9 years ago

    Thank you. Lets test it. 🙂

  4. Roman 9 years ago

    Thank you very much, the restore with the default drivers worked 🙂 Speed is back to me and my ssd!
    Regards, Roman

  5. beefcoder 9 years ago

    How about a message that the permissions repair is done?

    It is a litte confusing seeing that spnning wheel on the one hand and the reboot message on the other hand.

  6. Cindori 9 years ago

    beef: not really sure I follow, can u screen?

  7. Christopher 9 years ago

    The new patch works for me. Long boot times with 1.0 and Intel 510. With 1.1 only 15 seconds boot time. Good job 🙂

  8. Lu Nelson 9 years ago

    Way to go Oskar! Can’t wait to try it

  9. Weust 9 years ago

    Backup, patching and restore seemed to work alright on this MBP from 2009.
    Restored because the BTO SSD does not support TRIM at all.

    Will try it later in my Mac Pro with a Vertex Turbo. At least I know that one has TRIM support and shows it in the “About this Mac”.

    Happy to finally see TRIM support on Mac OS X. About time 🙂
    Thanks for the application.

  10. dacapo 9 years ago

    Work for Corsair CSSD-V128GB2 on 10.6.7 and 10.7 (11A390) 🙂 Thanks!!!

  11. Sergey 9 years ago

    Works great on Macbook Pro 13″ MC374 with OCZ Vertex 2 120 Gb fw 1.32. Thanks for the utility.

  12. Glen 9 years ago

    MacBook Pro5,1 and NVidia MCP79 AHCI with Apple SSD SM128 don’t work

  13. Cindori 9 years ago

    Apple SSD SM128 does not have TRIM, sorry.

  14. Glen 9 years ago

    Ok no problem 🙂

    But I like your work!

  15. Thibaut 9 years ago

    It doesn’t seem to work on my Hackintosh with a Kingston SSDNow V Series 128GB. Vendor says it supports TRIM but maybe it’s because of the Hackintosh 😉

    Motherboard is an Asus P6T with minimal kext patching; downloaded and installed the 2.0.5 IOAHCIFamily.kext then patched. Doesn’t break anything but system profile still reports no TRIM support.

  16. Stefan 9 years ago

    My Macbook hangs at boot now 🙁
    I have a Supertalent 120GB SSD installed.
    I tried to move the backuped kext to System/Library/Extensions manually by booting the OSX install CD, but no luck.

    Any Ideas?

  17. rufrei 9 years ago

    Same as Stefan on mini. It got solved by booting an external drive and reapplying the MacOX 10.67 single update. Then booting into Install-DVD
    (changes the System from Time to Space) and doing a Rights-Repair.
    Booted into the mini OCZ-Vertex 2 and trim support was there.

  18. Stefan 9 years ago

    fixed it, by moving the backuped kext in place and doing a repair permissions afterwards. but no trim for me 🙁

  19. beefcoder 9 years ago

    @ cindori

    I have been testing your new version for some hours now and it seems to be good. Thanks mate.

    What I meant above was:

    When I use your tool, it repairs automatically the disk-permissions before it opens a window saying “patch applied, restart”. During this process it shows a spinnig wheel continuously (like on the start of Mac OS – the grey window)

    What I try to explain is, that it could be helpful to see a message when the permissions were finally repaired. The wheel keeps spinning and spinning and spinning and you don’t know if it was finished or not (without opening the acivity monitor)

    I hope it helps.

  20. Ken 9 years ago

    My initial trial was not very successful. However, I can report that after restoring the system to the original state using the restore functionality, updating the SSD firmware to the latest one, and re-applying the patch with v1.1 actually increased the performance by about 5-10%.

    Thanks for the fast update!

  21. Pierre 9 years ago


    Does not seem to work for me with an Intel X25 Postville 80gb, still says Trim NO. Restored previous driver, everything is ok. Questions:

    – I get the feeling that this does not work with 64bits kernel … could that be the problem ?
    – Does anybody know how to upgrade the firmware of an Intel X25 on a Mac ? all firmware tools are for Windows …

    Thk. Pierre.

  22. beefcoder 9 years ago

    @ Pierre

    Here you go:

    go to the Intel support downloads page;

    choose Solid State Drives and Caching;

    choose your disk;

    download Intel® SATA Solid-​State Drive Firmware Update Tool;

    burn this ISO (it is bootable);

    think of your latest backup before flashing the disk!!!

    start your mac from the Intel firmware disk; follow the instructions. you don’t need windows

    the update utility doesn’t work with optibay-drives

  23. Lol Gatto 9 years ago

    Thanks a lot for very useful utility. I’ve just installed TRIM Support Enabler 1.1 and feel much worth, yet without measurements. I have my 10.6.7 on Kingston 128 Gb SSD (besides other HDs) and i7 6-cores processor, so it need fast respond to fulfill its cores. Having my new comp not for a long time I didn’t know about TRIM at all. My respect to you, young man!
    Now I wonder, does patching the kext affect ALL SSD disks I might have — OR, e.g., only my boot drive? If I make this patch on a boot volume not on SSD disk, may such kext replacing have negative effect on the performance anyway?
    Thank you in advance, good luck to you and your work!

  24. jlzhou 9 years ago

    It works fine on my MBP374 with Intel SSD 120G G2 INTEL SSDSA2M120G2GC.

    Good job! Many many thanks!

  25. Eddie 9 years ago

    Seems to work fine with my Crucial C300 256GB on my 2011 i7 15″ MacBook Pro 2.2GHz 8GB ram.
    So far so good, hate mail to come should it go haywire 😛
    let’s hope not.

  26. Klausmac 9 years ago

    Super!!! Thank you for the work done.

  27. Robert 9 years ago

    it is normal that speeds go back but this is only in the first time let it run for a while then the speeds should return. it like a harddisk defragemtation. you don’t do a speedtest for hd while you run a harddisk defragmentation. i let mbp on for 3 hours i got same speeds as before. i got a ocz vertex 2 version 1.32

  28. Pierre 9 years ago

    @beefcoder: thks, so that’s another project … I have an Optibay 🙂

    @cindori: does TirmEnabler modify both the 32 and 64bits kext or just the 32bits ? I am not even sure that both do exists but I am reading evrywhere: “A 64-bit Kernel can load only 64-bit kexts (kernel extensions).” Here for example: (because of course I am booting 64).

    Thks. Pierre.

  29. Philip 9 years ago

    worked on my macbook pro 1,1 and INTEL SSDSA2M160G2GN

    pleasantly surprised

  30. m3kw 9 years ago

    Man, just wait for Lion 10.7, should be by summer time.

  31. adnium 9 years ago

    Just restored using 1.1 utility having previously enabled TRIM with the 1.0 release. Under 1.0, the machine would take about 14 spins of the Apple “gear” at startup to boot.

    Re-patched under 1.1, this now takes about 3, which is still slightly longer than before un-TRIMed, but speeds are roughly what they were pre-patch after 1.1.


    17″ MacBook Pro, Crucial C300-256 running firmware 0006

  32. ZuZZu 9 years ago

    I noticed that Trim Enabler 1.0 was more efficient than 1.1. I used Xbench to verify my SSD performance.

    I use Lion preview.

    With 1.0:
    Drive Type KINGSTON SNVP325S2128GB
    Disk Test 282.45
    Sequential 195.26
    Uncached Write 291.86 179.20 MB/sec [4K blocks]
    Uncached Write 264.19 149.48 MB/sec [256K blocks]
    Uncached Read 92.87 27.18 MB/sec [4K blocks]
    Uncached Read 398.87 200.47 MB/sec [256K blocks]
    Random 510.36
    Uncached Write 312.83 33.12 MB/sec [4K blocks]
    Uncached Write 464.21 148.61 MB/sec [256K blocks]
    Uncached Read 937.17 6.64 MB/sec [4K blocks]
    Uncached Read 704.32 130.69 MB/sec [256K blocks]

    With 1.1:
    Drive Type KINGSTON SNVP325S2128GB
    Disk Test 255.55
    Sequential 176.77
    Uncached Write 337.13 206.99 MB/sec [4K blocks]
    Uncached Write 179.46 101.54 MB/sec [256K blocks]
    Uncached Read 86.99 25.46 MB/sec [4K blocks]
    Uncached Read 385.53 193.76 MB/sec [256K blocks]
    Random 461.01
    Uncached Write 253.24 26.81 MB/sec [4K blocks]
    Uncached Write 417.60 133.69 MB/sec [256K blocks]
    Uncached Read 1157.35 8.20 MB/sec [4K blocks]
    Uncached Read 680.67 126.30 MB/sec [256K blocks]

    I’ve restored the default driver and after a reboot re-patched.

  33. Pete Clark 9 years ago

    1.1 worked with a WDC SSC-D0128SC-2100. Not yet sure about speed improvements, but System Profiler does report that TRIM support is enabled.

  34. Aelisium 9 years ago

    1.1 working on MBP, 1.1 with 120 GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD.

    You rock dude! You have no idea what a terrific service you have offered all those running SL. Boot up speeds are insane! Just amazing! I can’t believe what a difference TRIM makes… I am blown away… truly.

  35. plans 9 years ago

    My OCZ vertex II 240Gb was patched fine but then my system began to hang even after multiple restarts. I reverted. Not sure what went wrong here.

    I love this tool Oskar – perhaps I did something wrong on my end.

  36. staywolf 9 years ago

    I can’t unZip the ? Why …

  37. Cindori 9 years ago

    Perhaps your download is corrupt.

  38. Simon 9 years ago

    Used SuperDuper to back up the Macbook Pro. Then ran 1.1 without problems. So far solid as a rock.

    SSD is a vertex2 240G

  39. dobuzz 9 years ago

    Since the performance on my mac (after applying the patch version 1.0)
    is fine but read about version 1.1 “should be better”:
    What was changed and how (if at all) would I benefit from it?
    ≈ Versionhistory would be appreciated 😉

  40. Cindori 9 years ago

    The version changes are listed in the post above.

  41. Cindori 9 years ago

    If you are experiencing long boot times then you should patch with the new version

  42. mk3d 9 years ago

    MacBook Air with 128Go Apple SSD: OK
    MacMini with Kingston SSDNow V+ 128Go: OK
    MacMini with Kingston SSDNow V+ 100 128Go: OK

    Many thanks for this feature enabler 🙂

  43. Nick Lambert 9 years ago

    MacBookPro 17″ (4,1) with 128 Kingston V+ working great.

    MacPro (2009) with 1x 80 Intel X25 working great.
    Plus internal RAID, 3x 64 OCZ Vertex 2 working great.

    Thanks Oskar

  44. dreax 9 years ago

    Macbook Pro 17″ (8,3) with crucial realssd 300 + intel 510 ssd works great…

    only trash is pretty slow, why??

  45. Weust 9 years ago

    Working great on this ye-olde Mac Pro from 2008 using my OCZ Vertex Turbo 1.6 firmware.


    Capacity: 128.04 GB (128,035,676,160 bytes)
    Revision: 1.6
    Serial Number: serialnumber
    Native Command Queuing: Yes
    Queue Depth: 32
    Removable Media: No
    Detachable Drive: No
    BSD Name: disk0
    Medium Type: Solid State
    TRIM Support: Yes
    Bay Name: Bay 1
    Partition Map Type: GPT (GUID Partition Table)
    S.M.A.R.T. status: Verified
    Capacity: 209.7 MB (209,715,200 bytes)
    Writable: Yes
    BSD Name: disk0s1
    Capacity: 127.69 GB (127,691,702,272 bytes)
    Available: 57.55 GB (57,551,224,832 bytes)
    Writable: Yes
    File System: Journaled HFS+
    BSD Name: disk0s2
    Mount Point: /

  46. Jim 9 years ago

    I downloaded the latest firmware for my Intel M-25 160, burnt the ISO image ok. Restarted with the ISO image on CD. The on-sceen message tell me my firmware in up-to-date. I ran the Enabler 1.1 and get this:


    Capacity: 160.04 GB (160,041,885,696 bytes)
    Model: INTEL SSDSA2MH160G1GC
    Revision: 045C8820
    Serial Number: CVEM941400U7160PGN
    Native Command Queuing: Yes
    Queue Depth: 31
    Removable Media: No
    Detachable Drive: No
    BSD Name: disk0
    Medium Type: Solid State
    TRIM Support: No
    Bay Name: Lower
    Partition Map Type: GPT (GUID Partition Table)
    S.M.A.R.T. status: Verified

    Any suggestions? mac mini server:
    Model Name: Mac mini
    Model Identifier: Macmini4,1
    Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Processor Speed: 2.66 GHz
    Number Of Processors: 1
    Total Number Of Cores: 2
    L2 Cache: 3 MB
    Memory: 8 GB
    Bus Speed: 1.07 GHz
    Boot ROM Version: MM41.0042.B00
    SMC Version (system): 1.65f2
    Serial Number (system): D2HDQ02LDD6K
    Hardware UUID: 08FF8ADE-2444-53C1-B79D-30A8F4DFFCDF


  47. Cindori 9 years ago

    Unfortunately, that SSD does not support TRIM

  48. Cindori 9 years ago

    Only Intel G2 and newer supports trim, that is a G1

  49. Dave 9 years ago

    I have tried Trim enabler 1.1 on my MacBookPro 3.1 with a Crucial C300-256 (firmware 0006). It worked but the Prefomance of the SSD poor.
    Without trim i always had Xbench disk scores around 230 (MBP 3.1 has only SATA 1.5 speed). With trim enabled i got scores around 150-170. It was not only xbench, the whole computer behaved slower. I have waited several days, but disk speed has not increased at all. So I have disabled Trim afterwards and now I am back at 230 again.

    I am working with my SSD for about 9 months now, but i don’t think trim needs more than several days to clean it up?

    Could there be a problem between apple trim and the crucial built in garbage collection routines?

  50. Paul Z 9 years ago

    Cindori: Thank you for your hard work! Lots of people have been waiting for TRIM support in Mac OS. Keep up the great work! Congratulations again !
    Paul Z

  51. scott 9 years ago

    wow!!!! insane. After several reboots my macbook pro 2010 with ocz agility 2 240gb ssd is now so fast i can not keep up!

    great great job! great to see a young programmer making such use of talent!

    only concern is… i read some reports of people having problems on here. I hope that the fact that it works now does not mean i will have problems as the next days or weeks go by.


  52. scott 9 years ago

    how would i disable trim and go back to like it was before.

    stupid of me – i did not do a superduper back up before i did the patch.

    any way of disabling?

  53. Cindori 9 years ago

    Yes, click the Restore button

  54. Michael 9 years ago

    Thanks for that nice piece of software. It works on two of my Macs without any problems. But on my Mid 2009 MacBook Air 2,1 (10.6.7) with the OWC Mercury Aura 120GB SSD, the system hangs sometimes and I realized, that I cannot boot into safe mode. The boot-caches seem to clear, but i don’t get beyond the Logo-Bootscreen with the spinning wheel… I restored the original kext and everything works again.

    Any tips for that?


  55. Dave Bullock 8 years ago

    So I am able to run the installer and after rebooting I see that TRIM support is enabled. However, when I try and delete files it takes 50x longer than before. This is a problem as I frequently deal with large collections of small files in my day to day software development. I have restored and that fixed the problem. Is this a bug or a feature?


  56. TheCoop 8 years ago

    2011 Macbook Pro 8,1
    120 GB Intel 320 series drive (SSDSA2CW120G3), multiple partitions for Win7/Ubuntu
    Patch was fine, TRIM is enabled in the system profile, so far so good

  57. mzeb 8 years ago

    @Cindori: I’ve got a new version of the IOAHCIFamily.kext (2.0.6) that came from a quietly updated version of the MacBook Pro Software Update 1.4. Any chance you might be able to work the same magic on this as you did for the 2.0.5 IOAHCI kext? Thanks!

  58. Cindori 8 years ago

    school exams now, no developing for at least 2 weeks

  59. mzeb 8 years ago

    Understood :-). Good luck with exams!

  60. mike 8 years ago

    Hmmm Tried it on my crucial C300 64gig and I got almost 100 points lower on the xbench test. random write 4k blocks dropped from 68.57 to 5.68 MB/sec. mike

  61. Jerry 8 years ago

    Awesome. This really super charged my intel x25-m g2. I am getting better results then when it was brand new. xbench has has steadily increased over the last couple of days.

  62. Nate 8 years ago

    “Dave Says:
    April 7th, 2011 at 4:56 am

    I have tried Trim enabler 1.1 on my MacBookPro 3.1 with a Crucial C300-256 (firmware 0006). It worked but the Prefomance of the SSD poor.
    Without trim i always had Xbench disk scores around 230 (MBP 3.1 has only SATA 1.5 speed). With trim enabled i got scores around 150-170. It was not only xbench, the whole computer behaved slower. I have waited several days, but disk speed has not increased at all. So I have disabled Trim afterwards and now I am back at 230 again.”

    Same problem with an Intel X-25M 120GB. Start up time went from 6 seconds to 20. Shutdown times from 4 seconds to 10. Used the backup kext and all is well again. This is on the 2010 MBP13. Will keep the program in case I see a degradation in speed. Also observed slower emptying of trash, but that I could live with, but not the increased boot times.

  63. Denis 8 years ago

    Have been using Intel’s 320 160G on MBP 4.1 for like three weeks without TRIM enabled. Degraded startup time (25 sec) and especially shutdown time (5 sec).
    After TRIM enabling startup 16 sec, shutdown less than 2 sec.

    Is there still sense to recondition disk from time to time, I mean like using diglloyds disktester? I tried to run it just after ‘trim enable’, it shows uniform rw speed at all offsets.

  64. CraigH 8 years ago

    Ran it on my MBP 8,2. Crucial M4 512GB SSD. Xbench scores are pretty similar as before: 273 Sequential, 1342 Random.

    Trim now shows up enabled. No spinning beachballs (yet). Other posts indicate I’ll get some, but nowhere near the 30-90 seconds out of every 5 minutes like before…

    Great tool. Thanks Cindori for a simple and highly useful tool

  65. CraigH 8 years ago

    Update: After 4 hours of nearly continuous use, some quite heavy, I got one hang condition that persisted for 30 seconds. Otherwise, system is extremely fast and responsive. Not ideal, but productive enough that I’ll hang on to this Crucial M4 512GB with Trim enabled and hope for either, 1) Crucial firmware updates to fix problem, or 2) OS X Lion to perhaps address problem. We’ll see, I guess…

  66. MacRoy 8 years ago

    Hi Cindori!

    Thanks a lot for TRIM Support Enabler!

    It works on the first time in my Mac Pro 2008.

    Thanks a lot.

    Nice work.


  67. Denis 8 years ago

    Is there still sense to recondition disk from time to time >
    The practical answer: definitely yes.
    I tried the ‘method’ from Lifehacker’s article
    ‘Erase free space’ ruined the Intel 320’s performance.
    The ‘recondition’ through 4 iterations improved it well, giving me better response from my Mac even compared to virgin SSD. The startup is 14 t 15 sec.

    I wonder if Cindori could build all-in-one app which could monitor if TRIM is enabled and by the way could perform ‘recondition’ when needed.
    BTW diglloyd asks 40 bucks for his tool. Sad, but by now no alternative.

    Cindori is brilliant kid, I believe he gonna find how to fix all performance issues 😉

  68. Cindori 8 years ago

    I didn’t know who this digilloyd guy was or what tool he had, so I googled a bit and found

    where he states that his “recondition” command basically only does the same thing as Apple Erase Free Space, but just several times:

    “Write over the entire capacity of the SSD. This can be probably be done successfully with Apple’s Disk Utility (“Erase free space”), but the fastest approach is a tool like DiskTester’s recondition command.”

    so I don’t see any reason to pay for that (or implement it into TRIM Support Enabler).

    I will never charge for performance enhancing apps, as in my eyes, you have already payed for that performance when you bought the hardware. The user should not suffer because Apple or manufacturer or whatever does not care about them.

    However if you appreciate the tools you can always drop a buck at the donate button! 🙂

  69. MacRoy 8 years ago

    Hi Cindori!

    I just wanted to mention that after I updated to 10.6.8 my Mac starts on a half (0,5) ticks as opposed to five and a half (5,5) before the upgrade.
    So TRIM works really well on Mac OS 10.6.8!

    Many thanks for a good work.


  70. Movalex 8 years ago

    What about OSX Lion support?

  71. Steve Johnson 8 years ago

    Does this work (or will it work with Lion)?


  72. tony loke 8 years ago

    does not work with Lion… everything went well in terms of running it, but when I rebooted, the TRIM support still showed ‘No’ … the system otherwise booted normally speed wise and seems to run no differently than before (meaning no slower).

  73. Henry McGraw 8 years ago

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