Trim in OS X El Capitan

Trim in OS X El Capitan
June 12, 2015 Oskar

Update: You can now safely enable Trim on OS X with Disk Sensei:
Safely enable Trim on Yosemite and El Capitan

In Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, Apple has done a full 180 and opened up parts of their driver that allows access to Trim functionality.

This is great news for Mac users around the world that are using 3rd party SSD’s. In Yosemite, we had to deal with lifting a lot of security features in order to benefit from Trim.

With this new driver functionality, we can enable Trim in El Cap (and upcoming Yosemite 10.10.4) without risking the issues with gray boot screen.

Updates are coming soon to Trim Enabler and Disk Sensei to take advantage of the Apple sanctioned way of enabling Trim. We’re finally going to get Trim on the Mac without compromising system security or stability.

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  1. Dymbo 4 years ago

    Would you please share update sooner than 10.10.4 official released?
    Due to graphics and several other issues, I’m using the 10.10.4 beta and so do many others out there, as far as i know thru the forums…

  2. Trav 4 years ago

    Why don’t you also try updating control centre for el capitano preview since i have the preview and cc won’t display

  3. spearson 4 years ago

    This is great news that Apple opened up the drives to allow access to TRIM support via third party applications. Yay!

  4. Nils Germain 4 years ago

    That is a freaking great news. at least apple still has a heart.

    • Andrew Chen 4 years ago

      I think Tim Cook is not as restrictive as Jobs. Apple has starting to open source things like Research Kit and Swift 2 under him and he will even release an Android app for Apple Music‎.

      • Hans 4 years ago

        Or this is the more profitable way and generates more money. $$$

  5. Robert Schwartz 4 years ago

    Anybody downloading it and giving Trim Enabler a try?

    Apple today has released a new beta of OS X 10.10.4 to both developers and public beta users. Last week, Apple released the fifth OS X 10.10.4 beta, as well as the first beta of OS X 10.11 El Capitan. Today’s new OS X 10.10.4 beta carries the build number 14E36b and is available through the Mac App Store and Mac Developer Center.

  6. Andrew Chen 4 years ago

    Does the new 10.10.4 beta 14E36b have TRIM functionality built in already? I would like to make sure before I try to install it.

  7. AZGameCheats 4 years ago

    Wow, this is great news. Never thought Apple would do it.

  8. Robert Schwartz 4 years ago

    Oskar, is there any need to disable TRIM in Disk Sensei before upgrading to El Capitan?

    • Oskar Groth 4 years ago

      Upgrading is now perfectly safe.

      If you enabled Trim with the latest (3.4.2) version of Trim Enabler (or Disk Sensei 1.2), Trim will stay on and everything will be fine.

      If you enabled with an old version of Trim Enabler (pre 3.4) and install El Capitan, Trim will reset and nothing more will happen. This is because major OS versions will overwrite the files anyway.

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  10. Mario Rossi 3 years ago

    I don’t see the need of Trim Enabler anymore, sorry guys, thank you for your previous help, I’m sure you can make other great utilities


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