Trim Enabler prevails!

Trim Enabler prevails!
September 7, 2012 Oskar

Today I got an email from Kai, one of many Trim Enabler users. He pointed to a Macbidouille article about how suddently in 10.8.1, all the terminal scripts and copycat software for enabling Trim, had stopped working.

After a quick investigation, I was able to verify that all these solutions had breaked because of a simple change in the OSX Trim driver.

This is why Trim Enabler is superior to these alternatives. It still works fine in 10.8.1.

Since the 2.0 release, Trim Enabler is much more intelligent in regards to patching then these scripts. These other scripts and softwares don’t have the necessary error protection, and some even force apply the patch upon every reboot, without a possibility for updates.

I built Trim Enabler 2.0 with future OSX updates in mind, and it’s working as expected.
In short, Trim Enabler is still the most safe and redundant way to enable Trim. No update required for 10.8.1 🙂

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  1. Michael 7 years ago

    It still preveils on my MacBook Pro with OSX 10.8.2 – OCZ-VERTEX3. Trim Enabler V2.22

  2. emmanuel 7 years ago

    My macbook (mid 2012) with my new samsung 830 serie (512Go) but… it says : “The patch is active but trim is not working. Perhaps your SSD does not support Trim*, or you need to reboot.”

    *it support TRIM (in the support doc).

  3. Cindori 7 years ago

    Hi Emanuel

    Make sure you dont need to upgrade your SSD firmware in order to get TRIM.

    Also, Trim Enabler can report incorrectly if you connect disks in the Superdrive slot.

  4. charlie 7 years ago

    I just got my Samsung 840 Pro. Does it work?

  5. Luca 7 years ago

    I have a macbook late 2010 IOS Mountain Lion SSD Samsung 830.
    I have installed trim enabler and it works well but in smart utility i can not see
    Model Family
    Unexpected power loss
    Lifetime Writes
    Lifetime reads
    Total errors
    Retired block count
    All the parameters are “Unavailable”.
    What is the problem ? RIM is really working ?
    Thanks in advance

    • Rali 7 years ago

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    • 6 years ago

      Always a good job right here. Keep rolling on through.

  6. lucas 7 years ago

    hi Luca
    I have the same thing, but it’s not because of your laptop it’s because of the ssd. Trim enabler stil speeds up your ssd but it’s not supported for additional information.

    I hope I answered your question.

    Nice name by the way

  7. pspierre 7 years ago


    Have a:
    MBP 17 mid 2010 ML 10.8.2 8GB RAM
    OCZ Agility2 320GB (for all data)
    Trim Enabler 2.2 installed

    Trim support works after reboot, and can also be shut down again by the slide, having effect also after reboot. (system report)

    In use for 2 weeks…no probs yet …… 🙂

    boot: 13-15 sec
    System shut down: 17-20 sec
    Suspend to RAM: <1 sec
    wake up from RAM: <1 sec

    Power Management:
    I set pmmet to "0" (no hibnernation to SSD, only supend to RAM)
    Q: Is this real necessary for a long SSD life?
    I close the lid of may MBP between 5-15 Times a Day …..or its a mare ?

    S.M.A.R.T works, but:

    -Trim enabler 2.2 App must be shut down and restartet to refreh shown data (Trim still on)
    -Temperature ist allways on 30 degrees, no variation here. iI thinks its not working .
    -ERROR Count is instabile,showing Zero or X-Millons of Errors in change…tink this part is unusable yet.

    -rest is working fine. 🙂

    Greets from Germany
    mfg pspierre

  8. Jochen Strauss 7 years ago


    2011 Macbook pro 15″”, 8 GB RAM, Mountain Lion 10.8.2, Samsung SSD Series 840 Pro with 512 GB. It was no possible to enable TRIM by using the TRIM Enabler, neither by re-install nor by restart the system. TRIM, as reported both by TRIM Enabler and system information, was not active.

    Searching for a solutionI found a helpful hint here:

    It works at once. Now both, TRIM Enabler and System information reports that TRIM is active and works. Don’t know what was the problem but I want to give you the hint here.

    Jochen Strauss, Berlin, Germany

  9. nanook 7 years ago

    Hi! I’ve heard of problems with sanforcecontrollers and TRIM-Enabler. Is that a fact?

  10. Flo 7 years ago

    Trim enabler says :Need to reboot or your SSD does Not Support Trim

    Osx 10.7.5
    Macpro eightcore 2.1 (2007)
    Samsung 840 120gbSSD
    First Port (not a DVD/cd drive Port)

  11. Thomas 7 years ago

    I installed 10.8.3 today and afterwards TRIM was disabled – is this normal that I need it to run after every SW Update?