Trim Enabler prevails!

Trim Enabler prevails!
September 7, 2012 Oskar

Today I got an email from Kai, one of many Trim Enabler users. He pointed to a Macbidouille article about how suddently in 10.8.1, all the terminal scripts and copycat software for enabling Trim, had stopped working.

After a quick investigation, I was able to verify that all these solutions had breaked because of a simple change in the OSX Trim driver.

This is why Trim Enabler is superior to these alternatives. It still works fine in 10.8.1.

Since the 2.0 release, Trim Enabler is much more intelligent in regards to patching then these scripts. These other scripts and softwares don’t have the necessary error protection, and some even force apply the patch upon every reboot, without a possibility for updates.

I built Trim Enabler 2.0 with future OSX updates in mind, and it’s working as expected.
In short, Trim Enabler is still the most safe and redundant way to enable Trim. No update required for 10.8.1 🙂

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