trim enabler for 10.7.2

trim enabler for 10.7.2
October 13, 2011 Oskar

in the middle of school exams + releasing an iPhone app atm

if you wanna try out beta for trim enabler for lion, here:
SSD utility test version

about the only thing that works in that version is “Enable trim” button, it will generate a TRIM kext at your desktop. install it with kexthelper and see if it works, and report back here.

note that this is in-development, don’t try on your work computer.

if something goes wrong, it’s easy to restore in Lion, boot backup partition and use terminal to mount mac hd, copy kext from backup partition to mac hd extension folder. if you don’t know what “cp”, “cd” and “terminal” is, then don’t try this at home kids.

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