Trim Enabler Beta 5

Trim Enabler Beta 5
January 16, 2012 Oskar

So I finally got a couple of hours to work on Trim Enabler, and the result is Beta 5.

I have rewritten alot of the code from scratch because it was bad design, and I have used some tricks I learned while making Kext Drop.

Beta 5 features are:

  • Much faster at patching then previous versions
  • No longer need to use an Update-button or restart app to see changes
  • Better status messages
  • Should have fixed alot of crashes some experienced
  • Should properly report SSD name or if you have many, the amount of SSD’s.
  • If people can test and confirm this version works well (especially you who experienced crasches with b4) I will conclude testing and release it as final 2.0 version.

    Download Trim Enabler Beta 5

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