Trim Enabler 3.2 Update

Trim Enabler 3.2 Update
February 8, 2014 Oskar

Trim Enabler 3.2 is here with some fixes and new functionality.

Changes in 3.2:

  • Removed the ”start on boot” and ”warn if Trim is disabled” settings and replaced them with a new setting: ”Check for Trim support on boot”. This check will be invisible and won’t launch Trim Enabler on every boot.
  • Added support for Fusion Drives in the benchmark feature
  • Added support for external disks in the benchmark feature, this includes anything from USB-disks to memory cards
  • Increased the sizes of the benchmark settings
  • Fixed some issues with the license activation text fields
  • Added localizations for Swedish and Dutch

SD Benchmark

Thanks to Bart Wijenberg for contributing a Dutch translation! Would you like to contribute a translation in your language? Let me know! You will receive a free Trim Enabler Pro license for your trouble. If you should experience any issues with this update, please report using the Forums.

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  1. MrMuetze 6 years ago

    Thank you for this much anticipated update. But somehow the whole interface seems to freeze. No matter what tab I’m clicking on, the “patch is active” screen stays there all the time. I can’t even disable trim.

    • Oskar Groth 6 years ago

      Check out the 3.2.1 update, it should fix the freeze problem. It’s available from the website as well as updates.

      • MrMuetze 6 years ago

        Thank you very much for that quick fix.

        The benchmark tool for fusion drives works now flawless too! awesome 😀

      • MrMuetze 6 years ago

        Ehm, is it possible to edit an entry? 😀

        Well somehow the benchmark for my fusion drive stopped showing read values. It worked one time (500mb test run) and now it isn’t showing something. Write and rewrite values are still there.

        • Oskar Groth 6 years ago

          The values can sometimes show as zero if the drive is simply too fast. I suggest you try the max setting of 10gb.

  2. Florian Pflug 6 years ago

    I’ve got the same problem as MrMuetze. I’ve updated my Mac to 10.9, and afterwards updated Trim Enabler to 3.2. Now the slider is greyed out, and the tab bar doesn’t work. I can klick on tabs other than the first one, and they *do* turn blue, but the content below doesn’t change.

    I figured the update process might have screwed up, and tried downloading Trim Enabler 3.2 manually. Which made things work again, but only because the “Download” link still points to 3.1, *not* 3.2.

    So currently it seems that the only way to get 3.2 is via “Check for Updates”, which yields a non-functional installation of 3.2

    • Oskar Groth 6 years ago

      A 3.2.1 update has been released which should fix the freeze problem. It’s available from the website as well as updates.

  3. b4rtj4h 6 years ago

    Awesome update :).

  4. Leonaldo Brum 6 years ago

    Dear Oskar,

    I have an “old” MacBook Pro (Late 2008) with an OCZ Agility SSD. For ages, Trim would not be enabled, no matter what.
    It seems now that it is enabled with this latest version of Trim Enabler (3.2.2). If this holds, it will be a great progress! I am crossing fingers, but a final opinion will have of course to hold until this is finally confirmed. Just giving you the possibly good news (at least an encouraging change from recent past).