Trim Enabler 3.1 Update

Trim Enabler 3.1 Update
December 19, 2013 Oskar

Trim Enabler 3.1 is here. I have listened carefully to the feedback from hundreds of users and adressed several issues in order to make Trim Enabler more functional and intuitive to use.

Changes in 3.1:

  • Switched to normal window behaviour. Trim Enabler no longer resides in the menu bar, and instead behaves as a regular app with dock icon.
  • Added the ability to select disk for benchmark
  • Added partition details to the S.M.A.R.T feature
  • Adopted a more coherent switch appearance
  • Added disk graphics to differantiate between HDD and SSD
  • Fixed an issue where temperature displayed as null
  • Fixed an issue where temperature did not display for some disks
  • Fixed an issue where fahrenheit temperature was calculated incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where the benchmark would crasch on 99%
  • Fixed a proper error message for Snow Leopard (Trim Enabler requires Lion or later)
  • Fixed an issue where the Sleep Image tweak behaved incorrectly


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  1. Chris M. 6 years ago

    Thanks for the update Oskar!

    It only shows in the Dock now, though. Don’t like the clutter of an icon that literally just sits there and is never accessed. I’m sure others share the feeling. 3.0 had a menu icon (with the app hidden from the Dock). So much better. Can you bring it back by chance? 🙂

  2. Chris M. 6 years ago

    SugarSync, for example, has the option to “Hide Dock Icon” and then resides in the menu up top. They too started with a Dock icon always on, until people complained a lot.

    • Oskar Groth 6 years ago

      I will considering adding an option to switch between menu bar and dock, it sounds like a good compromise.

  3. Chris M. 6 years ago

    Yes, PLEASE! 🙂

    I don’t like having it down in my Dock, especially when it is primarily a “set it and forget it” type of app. Those types of apps should almost always never be in the Dock in my opinion.

    • Oskar Groth 6 years ago

      I understand, but just to make clear, you do not need Trim Enabler running, or in your dock, in order for Trim to be active. You could even delete it from your computer, after applying the patch, if you wish. (but it’s a good idea to keep it in Applications since the patch may need to be reapplied after OSX updates)

      • Chris M. 6 years ago

        I did not know that! Thank you… Haha…

        So it is a “run once” thing and doesn’t even need to be active at all after that (except after OS updates)?

        • Oskar Groth 6 years ago

          Dont worry, it’s a common misconception, so it’s worth to reiterate. When you flip the switch, Trim Enabler unlocks Trim support within OSX, so Trim is handled by OSX, automatically in the background, from that point.

          On some OSX updates, the Trim driver will be updated, and once again restricted to Apple-only SSD’s. So you need to open Trim Enabler again, and put the switch back to On.

          • Chris M. 6 years ago

            That being that case, honestly, the menu bar thing is really not that important to me anymore! Haha… I was under the impression that it had to always be on, or at least at startup.

            So it truly is set it once, quit it, and forget it completely until you update OS X (or you need some of the features of the app, like checking temperature, etc.)

  4. Misha 6 years ago

    Oskar, I also liked when the application is in the top menu. on OSX 10.7.5 after the close (x) is no longer open but in the Dock menu shows that it works. I’m used to monitor the parameters of hardware. In the next update please give choice Dock or the top menu 🙂 Thank you for the program I use with pleasure.

  5. chris 6 years ago

    my temp went from 70 degrees to 111 after the new install

  6. matthew smith 6 years ago

    not able to turn on trim enabler-I paid for the professional version and it won’t do anything.

    • Oskar Groth 6 years ago

      Hi Matthew
      Not quite sure what you mean by “turn on”. Does the app refuse to launch? Do note it requires Lion or later.

  7. Scott Reid 6 years ago

    When I attempt to upgrade to version 3.1 I receive a notification box labeled “Update Error!” the text reads “An error occurred while installing the update. Please try again later.” The selection button is labeled “Cancel Update”. (This notification box is displayed after the file has downloaded and been extracted).

    Note: Each of the MacBook-Pros’s have 256 gb. Samsung 840-Pro SSD’s.

    I have made the attempt several times on two different MacBook-Pro’s. Both of these Mac’s are receiving the same notification. Please send me the App as a single install, rather than trying to install an upgrade on the 3.0 version. Below you will find my assigned License Key and Order Number. You also may wish to make a “Spell Check” on your Receipts. It is not a big deal to me but I thought that you may like to know that someone spelled “License Key” with a “c” instead of a “s”. It looks like this “Licence Key”