trim enabler 2.0

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  1. Patrick 8 years ago

    I have a Mid 2009 with Crucial M4 256GB and latest Lion.
    I want to enable trim badly…

  2. Patrick 8 years ago

    We are all looking forward to it! Thanks a lot!

  3. jocelyn 8 years ago


    First, thanks so much for trim enabler, I received a plextor m2 128gb ssd for my birthday a couple months ago, and trim enabler worked great on 10.7 and 10.7.1. (mid 2009 macbook pro, 15″ with geforce 9600m graphics)

    I just wanted to post and let you know that v1.2 worked fine on the developer pre-release of supposedly the “GM” build of 10.7.2, buildversion 11C73.

    I can send you a screenshot of my system report or help test anything for 2.0 if you want, just send me an email.

    Thanks again, cheers!


  4. Lignanen 8 years ago


    Jag undrar om du skulle kunna fixa så man kan spela .dvdmedia filer med DVD-spelaren i OS X utan att behöva ha VLC eller ha igång externa läsaren. Jag vet att jag kunde få det att funka i Snow Leopard men inte i Lion.

  5. Phil Macedo 8 years ago

    Any update on this? 10.7.2 is actually released now! Been waiting for 2.0 before using it with my intel 510 SSD. Would be nice ūüôā

  6. LRy 8 years ago

    Waiting =))

    Any estimated date?

  7. lex 8 years ago

    Me too

  8. bill 8 years ago


  9. bill 8 years ago

    also waiting for enable trim on 7.2.
    hope there will be something out soon.
    my ssd hopefully stay cool without.
    please release the enabler !!

  10. niewiesznic 8 years ago

    Any news on release date ?


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