Trim Enabler 2.0 Beta 2

Trim Enabler 2.0 Beta 2
November 17, 2011 Oskar

UPDATED: see bottom

Still some stuff I need to work on, so still Beta


  • Rewritten from AppleScript to 100% Objective-C
  • Features new S.M.A.R.T tool to learn about your drive’s health
  • New icon, courtesy of vegrafik
  • No longer installs an old driver, instead patches your current*

*Previous Trim Enabler never was a longterm solution, although a label in the app said “Only for Snow Leopard” I made a claim on this blog that it would not be any problems to use it in Lion. Well as some users have pointed out, using an older driver could lead to slower speeds and I admit I did take the advice the wrong way and chose to ignore it. My apologies to those persons and the users for my ignorance and for taking so long to fix the issue.

    If you have patched in Lion with previous Trim Enabler (1.1 or 1.2, not the 2.0 Beta 1) then I suggest you proceed with following steps to update your driver to the latest version:

  1. Type in terminal: diskutil mount ‘Recovery HD’
  2. Open Recovery HD in Finder
  3. Navigate to BaseSystem.dmg (it is hidden, so you will need to set Finder to show hidden files), open/mount it
  4. Open BaseSystem in Finder, navigate to System/Library/Extensions/IOAHCIFamily.kext
  5. Use Kexthelper app to install that kext back to your system
  6. Use Trim Enabler 2.0
  • Slider button and status text does not update properly on patch/unpatch, that is why there is a Update button, press it 3 seconds after you have activated or deactivated the switch to properly update status

Should not be too hard to fix, but I am drowning in school work so that’s why I’m releasing it as Beta 2. It will also be useful to gather feedback for a final v.2.0 release, I can only test so much with one computer.

Should be compatible with Snow Leopard 10.6.8 or Lion.

Please report back with your experience.

Download Trim Enabler 2.0 Beta 2


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