trim and lion

trim and lion
March 30, 2011 Oskar

I would just like to state a a fact that most articles have missed:
TRIM in Lion beta is only for Apple SSD.

This patch works in Lion beta to add support for all SSD’s. So unless Apple changes anything, this patch will become really useful in the future and not just a way to get TRIM a couple of months earlier right now. I hope though that this patch proves to everyone that it is simple to add TRIM support for any brand of SSD and that it will put pressure on Apple on removing their “Apple SSD only” restriction for TRIM in Lion.

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  1. ZeroDegre 9 years ago

    That’s a great new!

    Your tool makes it so easy to enable the TRIM… Thanks a lot.

    Hope many SSD users will apply it and, as you said, push apple a bit in the direction to enable it for all HDDs.

  2. richard 9 years ago

    thank you, I tried this, and it worked perfectly. In fact, my macbook air seems to boot up faster. thank you for sharing this with everyone.

    now, can you fix the freeze issues with macbook airs since the update to 10.6.7 ? 🙂 🙂

    thank you again

  3. Vadym 9 years ago

    Many thanks for the efforts. I tried this on my 374’s 10.6.7 with c300 128g crucial and it did turn trim on. Though I think there is issue with the beta driver itself rather than with the patch itself. When I watch movies or listen to music (flac ones) IOps go through the roof periodically without any pattern I was able to detect causing music stuttering or video dropping frames. This doesn’t happen once I restore backed up driver.

    Wonder if anyone else can confirm this.

  4. Aaron 9 years ago

    Is this stable?

    Can it be used if you have an existing SSD installation?

    Would it be better to use if you zero’d out your drive first and started from scratch?

    Is there anything to be worried about? i.e. Future Mac OS X minor version updates? (10.6.7 to 10.6.8, etc.)

  5. Cindori 9 years ago

    It’s stable for 98%, the rest have problems with some flash games, web browsers, vmware, and other stuff. If you have problems, just restore.

    Yes, thats the idea.

    Yes, you can use Erase Free Space with zeroes, in disk utility. It does not erase your data.

    No, doesnt look like it. only that it might overwrite the patch and you need to patch again.

  6. Siouxsie 9 years ago

    I don’t know if this is the place to ask, but why is there no apparent support for the following configuration?

    Model Identifier: MacBookPro5,3
    Model: APPLE SSD TS128A
    Revision: AGAB0202

    The computer works just fine after the patch, but System profiler still pegs the drive as non-TRIM. I would think that the Apple SSD:s were the most likely to be compatible? Am I wrong? Is it possible to fix this issue?

    Thanks either way, I love the idea of this simple patch! Great work!

  7. Aaron 9 years ago

    Cindori: Thank you for your responses and all of your hard work! Many people have been waiting for TRIM support in the Mac OS for forever now. Keep up the great work! You’re the man!

  8. Konstantinos 9 years ago

    Thank you from me too for your work on TRIM Enabler!

    For Lion build 11A419, it seems that *just* patching the binary of only the plugin (IOAHCIBlockStorage.kext) to replace zeros over “APPLE SSD” (twice) doesn’t do the job; it seems the controller can’t recognize any drive, on reboot. So something’s missing…

    Apparently, we need to replace the whole IOAHCIFamily kext, as TRIM Support Enabler 1.1 does… Hopefully TRIM will be available for everyone!

    Please keep us updated if you find new information on TRIM support! Thank you!

  9. Paul Z 9 years ago

    Cindori: Thank you for your hard work! Lots of people have been waiting for TRIM support in Mac OS. Keep up the great work! Congratulations again !
    Paul Z

  10. Dan 9 years ago

    I am running Lion beta on a MBP with apple 128GB SSD

    How do you check if the ssd has TRIM feature?

    Thank you!

  11. Dan 9 years ago


    I found it, in the System profile, “TRIM support= yes”

    But can you test?


  12. Mark 9 years ago


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  13. scott 9 years ago

    was i suppose to push backup before i patched?
    i didn’t.
    what if i start having problems?
    any advise?


  14. Cindori 9 years ago

    When you click Restore, you have the option to restore from a Default kext built into the app, or from your backup. You can select restore from Default if you don’t have a backup.

    Actually, I am not the great programmer I seem to be. The important thing is not to be the best programmer, but to find solutions for problems. Even if you are the best programmer, the thing that matters is if you come up with an idea that is good and never done before. I am a freshman at my Uni too. I am only barely at the beginning of my programmer carrer. If you want to code for Mac I suggest you pick up a book about Objective-C and Xcode. But if you want to come up with a good application, i’ts up to you. I suggest you read on forums, especially hackintosh forums like Insanelymac. Maybe build a hackintosh yourself. That is a really good experience to learn about Mac “underneath the skin”. Thank you / Oskar

  15. Ultratux 8 years ago

    >Yes, you can use Erase Free Space with zeroes, in disk utility. It does not erase your data.

    Please correct if I misunderstand. Isn’t SSD only clears if erased with ones, instead of zeroes? – and that’s why we shouldn’t use Disk Utility in the first place?


  16. Cindori 8 years ago

    Erase Free Space creates a large file, and then deletes it.

    If you have TRIM installed, and delete a file, the blocks the file where lying on, will be trimmed.

  17. Anil K Solanki 8 years ago


    I have just installed a 60GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD in my Hackintosh as my boot drive, and on the same day came across an article about your trim support tool, perfect timing.

    Does your tool work well with Hackintoshes? I only ask because there are options to Back Up the driver, and Restore etc.

    I built my Hackintosh using the Kakewalk method to install OS X, created by a fellow Swede I believe, and basically I am just a dumb-ass UI designer. I have no real idea about drivers or what’s going on under the hood of my Hackintosh, except it works brilliantly. I make my living on it so it is important to me it is running everyday.

    Thanks, Anil.

    PS. If you need graphics for future projects get in touch, I would be happy to help you.

  18. Cindori 8 years ago

    Hey Anil
    It should work fine with hackintosh since it’s interacting with “normal” kexts and not hackintosh kexts.

    As for graphics… Come back here and check in a week or so… there eventually might be something I need help with 🙂