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  1. Cake 5 years ago

    Hi Oskar.
    I want to be tester, please check my email if you like.

    • Oskar Groth 5 years ago

      The Beta will take place in late January.
      I’ll make a new post with details (how to apply etc) next week.

  2. Shady 5 years ago

    If this has anything to do with better handling of drive management/trim in aftermarket SSDs in Yosemite, I’d like to test also. Cheers.

  3. AntG 5 years ago

    On 10.10 with 840 Evo, should I hold off purchase of Trim Enabler until the tease has been revealed?

    • Oskar Groth 5 years ago

      No need to do that. I can confirm that you will not lose out money-wise from purchasing Trim Enabler now.

  4. Chris 5 years ago

    So if I purchase Trim enabler now, will it have TRIM for Yosemite with the update in February?

  5. Nigel Hunter 5 years ago

    Happy to test the beta in one of my machines for you. I am running two macs one with a fusion drive (500gb Crucial MX100 and a 4tb WD green). The other is a laptop running a Crucial M500 on its own. Both have trim enabler running with kext-signing disabled.

  6. Jermaine 5 years ago

    What’s this? , oh yeah it’s probably something super awesome. Can’t wait.. POWER TO TO THIRD PARTY SSD’s!!!!

  7. Schmidlapper 5 years ago

    Very exciting indeed if it makes it so I no longer have to worry if I will be able to reboot next time. Feature request: I want Trim without that kind of worry.

  8. Robert 5 years ago

    Oooo, curious!

    Just got ControlCenter via MacHeist, and have been meaning to pay for Trim Enabler for months. Of course I’ve waited so long now I have to pay VAT on it. Hey ho 🙂

  9. TwinTiger 5 years ago

    Hi Oscar,
    Ive been looking forward to the February launch of your new utility – especially based on the SSD avatar. As a result, I’ve been holding out in Maverick land running T.E 3.2.6.

    Make it worth the wait!


  10. Peter 5 years ago

    Any news when the beta program starts, how to apply ?
    (It is february for 4 days now ! 🙂 )

    • Oskar Groth 5 years ago

      Yeah sorry for the delay. Struggling to finish some complex parts. I expect to have a post up about the beta this weekend. Hoping to have 8/9 major features available in the beta.
      Another teaser for now:

  11. Nathan 5 years ago

    Awesome work! Hope to help with beta testing! Will an email go out to registered users, or should I just keep stalking your site? 🙂