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    about 7970 and Mac Pro

    7970 is officially released (for PC) and since a new Mac Pro is imminent, people are wondering if (and when!)…

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    AMD Radeon HD 7000 in a month

    AMD Radeon HD 7970 is announced today to be released in Januari. Guess we might be seeing a Mac Pro…

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    6950 / 6970 success

    Just echoing great success: 6950 on the way to my Cindori Custom 2.0 😉

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    Zeus 2.8

    What the image says 😉 It also supports some 5870 cards you can update from your current zeus or download…

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    6850/6870 firmware generator

    I’m planning a big update to Zeus in near future, with full 6000 support. But for now, you can already…

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    2010 Mac Pro

    my 2006 mac pro is dying on me; if I insert more then 2 hard drives then they will fail…