September 24, 2010 Oskar

I have not been very active on either blog or forums for some time now. the reason is that I recently started my studies at Lunds University, Sweden. I am studying a master in computer technology. becoming a student has impact on me and my free time, but it will help me become a much greater and experienced programmer. no, wait. it will make me an elite programmer.

there is not much more work to do on zeus until apple leaks a new flasher core with support for new EEPROMs (such as the ones on 5000 series). So for now I will bide my time and work on new exciting stuff, I am already noticing how much more I can do with the things I’m learning. If you want to discuss graphics and OSX then netkas forum is the place. If you still have use for my work then consider dropping a few coins in my paypal bucket. For just $ 5 I can get ramen noodles for the whole week 😉

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