Sensei adds support for M1 Mac fan and temperature monitoring

Sensei adds support for M1 Mac fan and temperature monitoring
November 24, 2020 Oskar

A new version of Sensei, a popular Mac system monitoring tool, was released today for M1 Mac users. The update adds support for real-time monitoring of fan and temperature sensors in the new M1-powered Mac Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Sensei is the first app in the world to feature support for viewing thermal information on the new Apple Silicon Macs. The sensor system on these new Macs is completely redesigned, and now features hardware that is usually found in devices like the iPhone.

One of the biggest new features in the M1 Macs is the small thermal footprint of the new CPU. Initial reports by M1 users who’ve tried Senseis thermal monitor have confirmed that the new Macs do indeed keep their temperatures extremely low, even under heavy workloads.

An interesting observation is that the M1 Macs seem to have a greater amount of temperature sensors, with a larger portion of them located on the new Apple Silicon SoC. This is likely in order to benefit the asymmetric multiprocessing techniques employed in the new CPU architecture, where the CPU switches between high-performance cores and high-efficiency cores dynamically in order to maximise performance per watt.

With access to this new thermal information, tech reviewers and ultimately consumers will be able to better compare the performance in the new Apple Silicon Macs towards previous models and PC competitors.

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