razer mamba + mac pro ?

razer mamba + mac pro ?
March 5, 2010 Oskar

so I finally got the Razer Mamba after months of reading reviews and looking at pictures. buying a mouse over the web is very scary because I’m kinda picky about my mice. i’ve also heard very bad things about the mouse and it’s firmware problems.

my impression after using it for 5 min: A neatly packaged piece of shit

first, the mouse was not compatible with my icemat. fine, I can take that. but also the cursor had problems with jumping and jittering, no matter what surface I used.

Top figure is mamba, bottom one is Logitech MX Revolution              

I was unable to find a way to fix it, firmware update did not help, driver installing did not help, then I found it.

setting this value to 125Hz made the mouse act normal again! great.

Now as for my decision, I decided to keep the mouse. It looks omgwtfpwnage awesome, it feels good but possibly not as good precision as with MX Revolution. However in games I find the mouse much better then the MX. why did I replace the MX btw? well, the whole right side of the mouse is covered in grip-material coating. that material began to fall apart after a few months of use. google “logitech peeling”
anyway, if you have cash for Mamba, go for it;)

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