QE/CI 10.6.3

QE/CI 10.6.3
April 1, 2010 Oskar

some trouble with the patches this time around, since apple changed framebuffer for ati cards.
netkas latest patch doesnt work fully, gives lines or black screens for some. I made a repack using his patch and his fix to make working single qeci patch. You will find it in Zeus.
Driver > 10.6.3

please comment how it works

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  1. FinnisHer 10 years ago

    This one works! Everything is as it used to be. Great!

    Thanks for the great work, world needs more people like you!

  2. Macest 10 years ago

    Excellent work Cindori, my 4870×2 now works 😀

  3. igor 10 years ago

    The 10.6.3 also resolved the jumpy mouse problem!
    now everything is fine… Thank you Cindori!

  4. Macest 10 years ago

    hhmm, not quite there. After I booted the second time round all I got was a black screen. Subsequently switching to my 2600XT I then got a kernel panic. I now can’t seem to boot up without a black screen (on either of my cards) unless I go via single user mode and then boot normally from there. I then switched over from my 2600XT to my 4870×2 once up and running.

  5. John Paul 10 years ago

    is dual dvi fixed?

  6. John Paul 10 years ago

    this current patch doesn’t fix dual display with 10.6.3. OSX picks up 2nd display in display preferences. But 2nd LCD stays black. Any fixes yet Cindori

  7. Oskar 10 years ago

    yes, use this if you get display problems


  8. John Paul 10 years ago

    YES! YES! I can confirm that Cindori’s re-pack of QE/CI 10.6.3

    WORKS perfectly! dual display! sticky mouse fixed also!

  9. poopdedoop 10 years ago

    Hey Oskar. That worked for my 4870 Thanks!

    I get the Power Cable warning now tho.

  10. Carl M. 10 years ago

    Dear Cindori:

    This is what I personally emailed you before finding this site:

    “I was doing a search online checking out the different ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards for my dual Intel 3.0 GHz Mac tower, and noticed this whole thing about “flashing” a card to make it work on a Mac if you’re wanting to utilize the ATI 4870 1 GHz card instead of using the 512 MB card. I only found this to be an important point because I was on eBay checking out the 1 GHz ATI 4870 cards (selling for around $300) and didn’t realize (I guess) that those are essentially PC cards (now just “flashed”). So my question to you is a safe card to buy from eBay or not. I know that you had made mention on one of your posting comments on http://www.Macrumors.com:


    “Why pay 100$ extra to have someone flash the card? Cause that does look like a flashed PC-card.”

    Are you trying to say that I can get 1 GHz ATI 4870 graphics card made for PC and “flash it” and essentially have a hard at work on my dual Intel 3.0 GHz Mac tower? If that’s possible that’s great, I just don’t know how to “flash” the card. Whatever input that you can give me would be awesome. I hope to hear back from you shortly, and thanks for your time reading this.”

    AFTER finding this site I now have this question: I probably can go as far as getting a PC version of the 2 GHz ATI 4890 Graphics Card and flash it with your updated app and it will work with my Intel Mac Tower right? Whatever you can let me know would be great. Again, thanks for the help…

    Take care and talk to you soon…

    Carl M.

  11. Carl M. 10 years ago

    By the way which would be the best company to buy the ATI 4890 Card from? There are a few different companies (like ASUS, Diamond, HIS, Sapphire, XFX) that make this card and I want to make sure that you app will work with best company. Again, thanks…

  12. Carl M. 10 years ago

    Sorry, last question, what about the XFX Radeon HD 5830? Will that work with your app or not? Again, thanks…

  13. Cindori 10 years ago

    answer to all your questions is as far away as the menu on this blog. check out The Golden Guide.

  14. Ryan 10 years ago

    First off, thanks for all your hard work!

    I have read for hours and hours on here and on Macrumors and FINALLY bought a Sapphire 4870HD 1GB PN 288-20E85-130SA.I downloaded your Newest ZEUS and got the ROM files as well. I installed the card and then ran the flasher, selected the Sapphire folder, picked the ROM and FLASH! I shut down, removed the X1900XT then booted with the New Sapphire. ALl I got was the Chime Loop of Hell! Oddly enough it Inserted the X1900 in as well and it let me even try to reflash it. It said it was already flashed. I Shut down removed the X1900 and still got the Chime Loop, No Post. Now I am stuck there with no way to re flash it etc. I did try booting from a startup disc and selected it before I shut down the machine but it won’t get past post.

    I assume that I have to reflash this in a PC now since it’s Dead to a mac till it gets a readable ROM. But my question is, What did I do wrong?!?!?



  15. Cindori 10 years ago

    It does not sound to me like you have read my golden guide. Because then you would know that just because you flash with a rom from same manufacturer it does not mean it will be compatible. I suggest you read the ROM-part of the Golden Guide.

    Zeus says your card is already flashed because you already have put that rom on the card. It’s just not compatible with it.

    You can ofc still flash with Zeus, but you need a rom matching your card.

  16. Ryan 10 years ago

    Thanks for the reply Cindori.

    I did read it like 8 times! hehe! I guess a better question is, What is the right ROM for that card? I found a 4870.rom from Netkas’ website that I will try next.

    When you get the Chime Loop, is the only way to resolve that is to reflash a PC ROM onto the card from a PC? I don’t have access to a PC today to try to reflash it.

    Thanks for ALL your help.


  17. Oskar 10 years ago

    M8 not to be rude but you are kind of clueless. in the Golden Guide there is description how to make your own rom.

    you said yourself the mac boots with both cards inside so I don’t see why you would need a PC.

  18. Ryan 10 years ago

    I’m sorry if I did not comunicate to you very well. I Said it booted the SECOND time but no longer boots in the Mac. I just thought it was odd that I was able to get it to boot and try to reflash it and that is when it told me it was already flashed… Which is to be expected.

    I totally take the blame for doing something wrong but I was just not sure what I did do wrong. Here is where I am at the moment.

    Sapphire alone does not work. It gives the Chime Loop.
    X1900 XT still works fine.

    Any slot combo of those 2 cards together no longer work either. It Chime Loops as well.

    So No, I am not able to boot the Mac with that Sapphire card installed. This is why I am assuming I need to reflash it back to a PC card from a PC.

    Once I am able to get it to boot back into the mac, I will try to either find a suitable ROM for the Saphire or make my own.

    I thought the Saphire ROM you included with the ROM package was a suitable one.

    AGAIN, Thanks for your help but do know I am trying to get it right and I am reading this and the forums over and over etc. I just screwed up somewhere.

  19. Oskar 10 years ago

    ok, well if it doesnt boot anymore then u need PC or bootcd method.

  20. Ryan 10 years ago

    I think so too.. I did try the bootcd method but the mac hits the chime loop before the CD will boot the machine. I even selected start from CD from the Start up Disk utility first but it doesn’t seem to help.

  21. Carl M. 10 years ago

    Hey Oskar:

    I will take the time tonight to thoroughly look at the section on that website. Something that I want to mention, the reason why I’m looking into getting a new graphics card is because I’m seeing dashed lines on my screen as well as these weird geometric triangular shapes on my web browser. Also, I’m noticing that my screen is starting to go black whenever it wants to, as well as my Mac freezing 8 – 10 times a day. I Techtooled and DiscWarriored my Tower already and still I’m having this issue. So I know it’s not a hard drive issue. I was thinking about bringing it to the Apple store to have them do a full diagnostic on it, but my gut tells me it’s the graphics card. I have a 30 inch Dell that can go to the max resolution of 2560 x 1600, so obviously I have it set to its max capacity on my X1900 ATI card. I just tried to lower the resolution to see if I could stop the freezing up my Mac to 1920 x 1200. Already I’m noticing that it hasn’t frozen yet and I have several applications open so that tells me it’s definitely my card. I’m still noticing the dashed lines but my Macs is still working. The thing is now, looking for the right card. I already went to that particular part of your website and noticed that the 4890s are on their, the thing I wanted to find out is, what about the 5900 series? I asked is because that they can run three monitors on one card and I like to think that would work on my Mac.If that’s something that hasn’t been tested yet where you feel secure about please let me know. Because I won’t even waste my time, in fact I don’t have the time I’d rather just get 4890 card, flash it, and get on with my work so I can use my Dell monitor at its max capacity once again without any issues. Please let me know what you can about the 5900 series and if you’ve tested it. Thanks for your help and I’ll talk to you soon Oskar…

  22. Cindori 10 years ago

    a card does not magically work just because it is flashed. there are no drivers for 5000 series cards in OSX simply because Apple has not released a computer with that graphic card.

  23. Carl M. 10 years ago

    Thanks for letting me know that. Again I’m very new to this “flash” thing. I’m sure within the next 2 to 3 days I’ll get more acclimated towards what all this means and how I’ll be able to use what you’ve done here on your site to my advantage. I’ll also be googling other sites that talk a little bit about flashing as well and the pros and cons towards those sites as well. Thanks again for the help Cin. I’m always open to learning, even though I’m more than twice your age… by the way, what’s the current graphics card that your using for your machine? I’m just curious, thanks…

  24. Cindori 10 years ago

    I’m using the 4890

  25. alf 10 years ago

    Hi Oskar,

    Thanks for your work…

    I have some problems to get my 4870×2 working on my Hackintosh / OS 10.6.3 – I tried Netkas QE CI Exotic cards 10.6.3.pkg and today also your repacked package in Zeus… no luck… -x boot works fine so… since the divers are not packed into to Zeus and have to be downloaded I was not able to do this while I did the –x boot (no network)… I tried to install the drivers form an other working partition on to my 10.6.3 build – but like I said after all it did not work… I just get the screen where it sayes: “Your have to reboot your computer holding down the power button….”

    Any idea what I could do? Thanks

  26. Cindori 10 years ago

    zeus downloads the driver to desktop. can’t you just access the file from your other partition then? i think it has to be installed to the drive you are booting.

    also for ppl having problem with patch (black screen after) there is https://cindori.org/dualdvi.zip

  27. Carl M. 10 years ago

    Hey Cindori, I’m needing to find out what would then be the best card for my Intel Xeon Dual 3.0 GHz Mac Tower version 1.1 (Dec. 2006)? If I choose a 4890 then (from what I can see) I might have a few more hoops to jump through to get this thing to work with my Mac instead of just using the 4870. Also, from what I see here it looks to me like the 4870×2 seems to be a bit glitchy. So should I just play it safe and just purchase a 4870 and then go through the proper steps on your site? Thanks again for your help…

  28. Ryan 10 years ago

    YES, YES, YES!!! I got it!! I was able to get the card back into a PC and have a pci graphics card in there. I loaded a pc4870.rom back on it then thenjust dumped the rom and made a new one with your XYZ package then installed and POW! It works! I had to install the QECI package to get Quartz Extreme a rolling but all I can say is HOLY COW is it fast using it Apple Color to render!

    I know the DVI to VGA does not work on the second monitor but does DVI to HDMI work to a second monitor? I have to pick up an HDMI cable to test it out.

    Thanks for all the help!!!

  29. Daniel 10 years ago

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Works great!

  30. alf 10 years ago

    Thanks for your mail… I uses your package now but Still no luck… when I boot with –x and use Zeus to do a driver check – “Device ID” and “Model” are correct( 0x00009441 – ATI Radeon HD 4870 ) but under “display Unit” it says “0” and “Quartz Driver Installed”: “NO”

    Any idea??

  31. alf 10 years ago

    Ok here is what I just did:
    I booted with –v and saw that ATIRadionX2000 was casing –panic-
    So I deleted the file… after that I was able to boot in to 10.6.3 – I´m even now able to change the resolution of my 4870×2 (Whooooo) – but no quartz extreme nor rotation –
    Any ideas?

  32. PunkNugget 10 years ago

    Hey Cindori, 1) I wanted to say THANK YOU for all your time and help putting together a sight like this for people (like myself) wanting to make our Macs better (seeing as Apple doesn’t want to push themselves in this way, and when they make that “effort” they OVERCHARGE YOU for those cards).

    2) I also wanted to THANK Peloche for making that fantastic table chart and EVERYONE ELSE for contributing towards this universal effort towards making our Macs better.

    When I’m done getting the right card and going through the process I will make sure to contribute towards your efforts toward keeping this site up, as I want to encourage others to do as I know this takes time to help others in this way. Now onto my current question/issue. I’m seeing a universal (small) issue with the 4870’s, 4870×2’s and the 4890 install from various people on here. So I guess what the real issue is NOT so much between the 3 different ATI cards but how it’s being installed AND how it will work with your version of your Mac. So I’ve decided to go with the 4890. But as I look at the pics and see the chart that was provided by Peloche I’m wanting to make sure I’m getting the right card for my Mac. Here are two site links:


    and this one:


    Now I know that the second site I gave you does NOT have that available but even though it’s and XFX 4890 card that “looks” similar to the pic that’s on the “Golden Guide” chart it may have a different model number. This is what confuses me and I want to make sure I buy the right card to use your program and other sites to get the card to work with my Intel Xeon Dual 3.0 GHz Mac Tower (December 2006 – Ver. 1.1). ANY HELP ANYONE CAN GIVE WOULD BE AWESOME !!!

  33. PunkNugget 10 years ago

    How about this card?


    Even though it’s a 4870 and not a 4890, can this still be used although it could be a different model than another SAPPHIRE 4870 card? I want to be clear I’m NOT partial to getting the 4890 OVER the 4870. I just want a 1GB card that will work with my DELL 30″ (model # 3007WFP). I’m tired of having my ATI X1900 card overheating and locking up my system and creating dashed lines across my screen randomly and blacking out of my screen. Again, anyone that can help me that would be great. Lastly what about this card? it’s already flashed and it’s only $249.00? (http://cgi.ebay.com/New-ATI-Radeon-HD-4870-1GB-Video-card-for-all-Mac-Pro_W0QQitemZ160421115755QQcmdZViewItemQQptZPCC_Video_TV_Cards?hash=item2559d7f76b#ht_1283wt_1167)

    Thanks again !!!

  34. Cindori 10 years ago

    the benefit of 4870 over 4890 is that it does not require patch in OS. although in 10.6.3 some people had problems with black screens, so they had to revert to 10.6.2 drivers (the dualdvi.zip, https://cindori.org/dualdvi.zip)

    that newegg 4870 should work fine. as for the ebay one, why pay $140 more when the information is right here. pay me $7 instead so I can buy a beer 😀

  35. PunkNugget 10 years ago

    You got my man… I will contribute. Can you let me know the process in how this installation works so I don’t screw it up? Thanks…

  36. PunkNugget 10 years ago

    By the way the one on ebay is Part #100259/1GL and the one on newegg.com is Part #100279/1GL. Although it is slightly different they are still the same right in the set up process, right? thanks…

  37. PunkNugget 10 years ago

    I really should re-read what I write. That last post was a bit redundant… right? like, right – right?… :-S

  38. PunkNugget 10 years ago

    Hi Cindori, One more question, does it matter if I get the 1GB 4870 or the 4870×2? Let me know what you can on both of these… thanks…

  39. PunkNugget 10 years ago

    Guess what, the very card that was on newegg.com is now GONE!!! oh well, what about this one?


    Will this do? Let me know what you can, thanks…

  40. PunkNugget 10 years ago

    Please don’t get upset with me, but what about this one too with this model number XFX HD487AZWFC?


  41. alf 10 years ago

    Hi- still tying to get my 4870×2 running:
    So I did an over all fresh installation of 10.6.3. – I installed your OECI_1063 diver package. – it gives me a black screen… If I boot verbose I get panic: please have a look:


    When I boot with –x I get into 10.6.3 – I deleted ATIRadeonX2000.kext – after that I can do a regular boot – I can even change resolution but don’t have qe ci: have a look:


    Can you give me a hint what I could try ? THANKS

  42. Cindori 10 years ago

    try use kexts from https://cindori.org/dualdvi.zip

    PunkNugget, the ZWFC works fine, but has cable warning at boot. (read golden guide for more info)
    also req’s 10.6.2 framebuffers (dualdvi zip)

  43. alf 10 years ago

    I tried the kexts from dualdvi.zip as well — same story -no luck

  44. Mack 10 years ago

    Hey Cindori, thanks for all your hard work. 🙂

  45. alf 10 years ago

    Still struggling with my 4870×2… BTW does it make a difference if I use a DVI to VGA adapter or right a way a DVI monitor? Since I use the DVI to VGA adapter – can this be the reason I get the black screen?


  46. seppo 10 years ago

    4890 with zeus work dvi,but not displayport 🙁
    how fix this?

  47. jump 10 years ago

    I’m using a MacPro1.1 with an ATI4890 (Flashed EFI Bios) – With 10.6.2 i didn’t had any problems of any kind – With 10.6.3 i’ve tried every possible solution and it seems like the card is running without glitches or anything else – but if i use 3D accelerated applications for a while i just get a black screen in the end (ACD30″). If the system gets into this state i can’t even ssh or vnc into the machine – I have to push the power button for a few secs and restart.

  48. Ryan 10 years ago

    I am have lock ups from time to time when I connect a second display and when you have to do a forced shutdown, It is wreaking havoic on my Apple RAID card with 4x 2TB Hard drives. It takes like 3 hours to check the damned ting. THis is annoying. RAID utility is locking up sometimes as well with the Card in. RIght now I have the old card in checking my RAID. Not sure why it would be affecting RAID Utility. Also hangs on System Profiler/ HArdware RAID.

  49. jump 10 years ago

    fyi – reflashed the 4890 with the zeus sapphire std clock bios and now everything works

  50. Fred from France 10 years ago

    hope i can get a solution to my problem here 🙂
    I use a 4890 that i flashed with Zeus.
    I’ve installed de last patch from your work but i’ven already experience lines on my Dual DVI configuration.
    I have two Apple cinema Display, and one is a 30″.
    Any solution ?

    Thank for your work !

  51. KJ 10 years ago

    Hi All,

    Cindori, thank you for this great resource.

    Is anyone having issues with PS CS5 and their flashed 4870.

    PS is not seeing my flashed ati but is seeing and selecting the the weaker nvidia card.

    Anyone experiencing this?


  52. Rick 10 years ago

    @alf I’m having the same issue as you.

    I tried with netkas QE CI Exotic patch as well as zeus’s repack but it keeps crashing on ATIRadeonX2000 every time.

    Is there any more info I can give (besides what alf already provided which seems pretty much like my case) that can help us resolve this issue?

    Any help would be appreciated!

  53. Quique 9 years ago

    After trying everything possible I give up… there is no possible solution for 4870×2 QE/CI.
    Thanks every one and Cindori for you hard work.

  54. dcpark 9 years ago

    Still struggling with my 4870×2… BTW does it make a difference if I use a DVI to VGA adapter or right a way a DVI monitor? Since I use the DVI to VGA adapter – can this be the reason I get the black screen?

  55. Cindori 9 years ago

    Vga adapter very usually dont work for ppl with flashed cards.

  56. Matt 9 years ago

    I am terrified that if I update from 10.6.2 to 10.6.3 my 4890 won’t work…. I read through all of the posts.. and am still trying to figure out what to do.

  57. Silesti 9 years ago

    Hi Cindori / All.

    I have an HD 4870, Device ID: 0x9440 which seems to be working fine, (I’m using it now) but I’m not getting any 3D support. Zeus says that Quartz driver is not installed, but installing the driver package makes no difference. XBench gives me results for Quartz however which is confusing. Are there settings I need to update / refresh / reset before the drivers are seen/used?

    Many thanks

  58. Cindori 9 years ago

    are you 10.6.3? if so, try https://cindori.org/dualdvi.zip

  59. Lee 9 years ago

    Hi Cindori / All.

    First thanks for all the info and Zeus thanks to all the people that have helped develop this app and the roms.

    I have a MP 1,1 2006 10.6.3 original gfx card

    I was experiencing major sound issues using optical out and needed to update my gfx card as yesterday it broke (started flickering after about 3 minutes of booting then constantly for about 2-3 seconds on then the screen off again) so it was time to take the plunge and a 512mb card for £300 is a rip off when the same card is £100 and gain some more Mac knowledge and a 1GB card, well that done it for me.

    Any way as I understand it

    1, install Zeus
    2, install natit
    3.remove broke card install new 4870 ZWFL with both power cables (bought separately)
    4, boot and run zeus
    5, Select 10.6.3 and browse for rom which i found HERE
    6, Click flash and reboot when finished.

    Is it really that simple ? Which point do I uninstall natit?

    I also read about re-flashing to adjust the fan setting but that only mentions the XFX 4870 ZDFC series cards HERE

    So i take i dont need to do that with my ZWFL as the latested rom is ok?

    One last question when the next update is available, I take it i wait till zeus is updated then install natit run software update and then reinstall the rom.

    Once again thanks to everyone that helped and your major effort with flashing an ati card.

    Manny thanks

  60. Silesti 9 years ago

    Cindori / All
    Update on my card / situation.
    It may or may not be helpful, but I have removed ALL of the updated drivers, bundles and packages and restored (from time machine) my System/Library/Extensions folder from original 10.6.3 installation. I’ve now got 3D / Quartz support and everything is funky. The Zeus tool was still useful to check the Quartz presence, but obviously something else got spooged along the way.

    Advice – when in doubt go back to base and work from there… you never know what else has changed!


  61. Lee 9 years ago

    Thanks Cindori

    It all works lots of prep reading and a couple of hours thank you very much.

    For any one that wants to read the full post link below posted under Flint2525 Im running a MP 1,1 2006 10.6.3 and installed a HD-487A-ZWFL Version C.0 bought in the UK


    Thanks again

  62. Liberty Crafter 9 years ago

    About the title cindori.org » Blog Archive » QE/CI 10.6.3, it kind of took me aback for a minute but finally I get what you mean. I have been thinking about the same stuff at my blog http://sjamessmith.livejournal.com. I would greatly like your input on what I talk about. Liberty Crafter

  63. Kamil Waheed 9 years ago


    I have trying all other patches for my 4870 under 10.6.3 but none worked!!

    Surprisingly, this one worked right away with everything working…

    Thanks alot!!