New website

New website
February 1, 2017 Oskar

After months of work we finally have a new website! We’re keeping some of the design, but under the hood everything is brand new.

Most noticeable is the new front page that now acts as the directory for all our products. But we’ve also revamped most of the site functionality.

The Forum is completely new, and now offers a much simpler, faster, and overall better platform for discussing anything about our apps.

The Support is completely new. The old site was lacking badly in support functionality and documentation. Now you can find topics covering anything from app functionality to order issues in the support knowledgebase, and open a support ticket to get personal help.

Finally, the website is super optimised, achieving load times far better than the old one.

We have some really cool stuff releasing this year. With the website work out of the way, we are preparing to launch a brand new Mac app next week. Stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter!