New Release: Disk Sensei

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Meet Disk Sensei, the most advanced disk performance tool for Mac. We have created a swiss-army knife for your Mac, with powerful features to monitor, maintain and enhance storage performance and utilization. Disk Sensei is the worlds first software of it’s kind, with a strong focus on clean design and easy-to-use features, it is an advanced disk performance tool that you don’t have to be a computer professional to understand.

Disk Sensei provides features to:

  • Monitor drive usage and statistics
  • Analyze and explain drive health
  • Visualize drive content to help users understand and maintain their file system
  • Clean out space-hogging caches, logs and other large files
  • Optimize drive performance and free up space through advanced OS X tweaks
  • Enable Trim for Solid State Drives
  • First software to offer Manual Trim for Solid State Drives
  • Benchmark drives and compare their performance

Disk Sensei works for any kind of storage, Hard Drives, Solid State Drives and External Drives. Disk Sensei requires OS X 10.9 or later.

Disk Sensei is sold for $19.99.

I would like to thank everyone who has participated in the Beta, and helped making Disk Sensei better.

I would also like to thank everyone who has purchased a Trim Enabler license. Without your support, Disk Sensei would never have been developed. That is why everyone who have purchased Trim Enabler are eligible for an upgrade to Disk Sensei for only $9.99 (50% discount).



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  1. Peter 5 years ago

    By getting this, do i need to purchase Trim Enabler?

    • Oskar Groth 5 years ago

      Hi Peter
      Disk Sensei is the successor to Trim Enabler. Further development is focused on Disk Sensei only.
      If you have a Trim Enabler license, you can upgrade to Disk Sensei for 50% discount of the standalone price.
      Trim Enabler will continue to be offered, primarily since it supports OS X 10.7 and 10.8, while Disk Sensei requires 10.9 or later.

  2. Nils Germain 5 years ago

    Finally! thanks for you awesome work!!

    However could you explain in detail the new manual trim fonction? is it as effective as an always on trim? does it requires to turn off kext singing everythime it operates? how many times do we have to manual trim on regular basis to get as good results as an automatic trim?


    • Oskar Groth 5 years ago

      Hi Nils
      Thanks! You can read more here:

      • Nils Germain 5 years ago

        Ok thanks, just bought the app and waiting for my 850 eve to arrive.

        Oh and also i dont know if my HDD visualisation thing is working properly but i only see a diagram of files without knowing what they actually are, it looks awesome but i think it could be super cool to upgrade this feature to see what files are what when passing the cursor though he diagram and be able to delete the large files straight from here, a bit like Disk Map app does

        • Oskar Groth 5 years ago

          You can show a file list with the top left button 😉
          And right click there to delete, show in finder etc.

  3. Miya 5 years ago

    Hi Oskar.
    What does SENSEI mean? It’s Japanese?

    • Oskar Groth 5 years ago

      It’s Japanese for master/teacher. Although I’m probably using it the wrong way. More importantly, it was not already taken 😀

  4. Yodajedi01 5 years ago

    Will Disk SenSei be available at as well?

  5. Ken Blanchard 5 years ago

    I have the latest OS X 10.9 and had Trim Enabler installed and Trim turned on. I upgraded to Disk Sensei and it is working fine. Should I uninstall Trim Enabler now that Disk Sensei is installed and running? Is there any reason to have both installed at this point.

  6. Max 5 years ago

    Hi, just wondering if the Trim feature (either automatic or manual) would be expected to work on SSDs running on a hardware RAID, such as an Areca card, on a Mac Pro? Thanks!

  7. Matt 4 years ago

    Does Disk Sensei have a notifier like Trim Enabler for when Trim is not enabled?