New Release: Command Center for macOS

New Release: Command Center for macOS
June 23, 2016 Oskar



We are happy to announce the release of Command Center, a powerful utility designed to enhance your Mac experience.

Command Center is a new utility app for macOS, inspired by Control Center in iOS. We’ve created a beautiful tool designed to let you control and monitor most aspects of your Mac computer.

Command Center is a panel that auto-hides on the side of the screen, and is activated by mouse (like the Dock). The panel is divided into two sections: Control and Monitor.

The Control features include various toggles, controls and shortcuts, allowing you to:
Control the communication devices such as Bluetooth/Wifi
Enable a Night Mode that adjusts screen gamma after sunrise/sunset
Enable Do Not Disturb (toggle system notifications)
Hide or show desktop icons
Adjust screen brightness (including on external displays)

The Control view also features:
A Music widget that lets you control your music player (supporting iTunes and soon Spotify)
A File Drop widget that enhances productivity by simplifying drag and drop of files
Various system shortcuts, like Log out/Sleep etc.

The Monitor features include advanced graphs and statistics for most system-related information, such as CPU, RAM, Network, Battery and Power usage.







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  1. Alex 10 months ago

    Sierra or later : When quitting iTunes forces iTunes crash and re-launch of app. The app won’t quit appropriately until you command a right-click Force Quit.

    Please consider a new release of this amazing app (a “Command Center” 2.0). It’s an amazing app and can be polished appropriately, I believe.

    Hope all the best, Alex


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