new mac pro, mac mini in a month?

new mac pro, mac mini in a month?
June 19, 2011 Oskar

at least if you believe CNET’s Brian Tong (who previously predicted release of new mac mini)

“EXCLUSIVE: My sources tell me ALL NEW Next-Gen Mac Pros and Mac Minis will launch either end of July first week of August.”

really? with what hardware? Intels sandy bridge are 6 months away.

either nothing will happen (maybe new mini), or this will be really interesting

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  1. Weust 8 years ago

    I think you mean Ivy bridge instead of Sandy bridge?

  2. Weust 8 years ago

    I must be mixing things up then 🙂

    Am looking forward to a new Mac Pro.
    Got a Early-2008 model, and it’s itching to replace.
    It’s still great, just want a newer model.

  3. HOT 8 years ago

    I looked, quite well written.