New checkout

New checkout
December 30, 2014 Oskar

I’m happy to announce that all Cindori software is now sold through


Paddle offers a much better checkout experience and lets you collect all your purchases in one place, the Paddle Locker

License keys are still delivered by email, but now instantly (as opposed to 30-45 minutes as previously).

The Paddle checkout is a much better customer experience, and lets me focus 100% on software development, bringing faster updates and faster progress on new releases.

You can still purchase by selecting Software from the top menu and using the “Buy” buttons, or by visiting the Store.

I’d like to thank everyone who have used or purchased any software of mine.
2014 has been a great year! Thanks to your support, I got some really cool stuff to release in 2015. Stay tuned!

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  1. Quinn 5 years ago

    I purchased Trim Enabler last night, and it used the new Paddle purchasing service. I’ll admit that I was NOT looking forward to creating another account on another website, entering all my info, address and so, and only then being able to make my purchase. Paddle did away with all that, only took the info they needed, and made this purchase one of the easiest and fastest I’ve ever done in 20 years. Nice work!

  2. Fabio Virgi 5 years ago

    Thanks for your kind words Oskar! It’s awesome to know that we’ve been able to improve your checkout & customer experiences.

    @Quinn: that’s really, really great to read too. Thanks so much for your feedback!

    — Fabio from