New app

New app
July 19, 2012 Oskar

Mac Pro owners rejoice. There is a new app coming. Just for you guys. It’s going to completely change the scene of Mac graphic card firmware modding.

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  1. Wing 7 years ago

    what is this? any detail? i would love to know more.

  2. Ludor 7 years ago

    Intriguing. And very nice icon.

  3. Anto 7 years ago

    If i’ll be able to get a new great video card on mac pro 3.1, i will give you a great donation! go go guys!

  4. Matt 7 years ago

    Awesome! Good luck with this, I would love to be able to flash my GTX-680 with Efi to show boot screens. and would gladly donate to the cause. will keep my eye on this

  5. Fadlisatriani 7 years ago

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  6. Paco 7 years ago

    I have a macpro 1,1 currently with lion and 6870
    Can I flash my 6870 graphics card and get boot logo (can i see something before osx load graphic drivers?