Mountain Lion and 6000 series

Mountain Lion and 6000 series
February 27, 2012 Oskar

So Mountain Lion brought us alot of new graphic support. Most interesting is native support for 69xx cards! If you have a Mac Pro, all you need to do is to flash your card and it will run fine in Mountain Lion, no cold boot bug or anything. You can flash 6000 series using the special Zeus 6000 series version found here It will even work in Mac Pro 1.1 / 2.1!

For hackintoshers, it’s a bit more complicated. The bootloaders need added support for ML and 6000 series. And cold boot bug is still present. Research is still going on though.

Personally I’m just hoping we can port these ML drivers to Lion so we can get support soon, not 6 months from now or whenever ML is released.

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  1. Paco 7 years ago

    Then I can finally flash a 6870 graphics card for a macpro 1,1
    and see the boot logo and everything?

    is this the flasher version?

    thanks Cindori

    • Paco 7 years ago

      I would like to have a confirmation.
      If I install chamaleon in my macpro 1,1 in order to get mountain lion 10.8.3 working. need I install 6870 drivers (made for lion the last year) or need I flash the car to get the chamaleon screen? or if not I only will get a black screen?

      Thanks in advance!