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latest news
August 9, 2010 Oskar

  • 5870 up at Apple Store, $449
  • Apple 5870 works in 2006 and newer mac pro’s
  • Apple lies about 5870 only working in 2009/2010 mac pro’s, again
  • we do not have apple 5870 mac rom yet
  • zeus support for 5870 is unconfirmed
  • zeus 2.0 releasing this week. sorry for delay.

  • Zeus 2.0 New features:

    Automatic firmware generator for 4870 / 4890
    Nvidia overclocking and tweaking
    Cleaner interface

    thanks again to donaters.
    thas is all for now.

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    1. Stelios 9 years ago

      Greetings, i have an asus 5770 and as i can see from the site of apple they sell the upgrade for 300USD, does Zeus support flashing of this card so i can use it with my Mac Pro ?

    2. Cindori 9 years ago

      5770 is not released yet

    3. _sibbz_ 9 years ago

      Hi Cindori!

      Thank you for your excellent work for the community 🙂
      Tomorrow i am hoping to receive a Sapphire 4890… is it smart (for a noob like me) to wait for Zeus 2.0 or will 1.3 be fine for me? The easier the better, thats the Mac way, and in this case also the _sibbz_ way 😀

      keep it up, hej hej from the NL

    4. Cindori 9 years ago

      for your flashing convenience, wait for zeus 2.0

    5. _sibbz_ 9 years ago

      thank you for the swift reply man, much appreciated.

      when do you hope to release Zeus 2.0 ??


      PS i read your article on the Hackintosh that you built, and i was like OMG 🙂


    6. Cindori 9 years ago


    7. _sibbz_ 9 years ago

      oh boy! if that’s true, i might even be able to play Battlefield tonite 🙂

      won’t take any of your time, good luck with the release!


    8. jeanlain 9 years ago

      Hi Oskar,

      So the 5870 will work on the 2006 Mac Pro? 🙂
      How did you get the info?