exciting progress

exciting progress
July 4, 2010 Oskar

I just found out a way to completely automize the rom creation process. what does this mean? well, paired up with pipomolo42’s pythonscript, the end of searching for roms on macrumors for 4870/4890 cards! with the push of a button, EFI support will be added to any 4870/4890 rom file. It’s still not finished, but it will be included in next zeus update. Theoretically this function could be expanded to support future cards such as 5870, but first Apple must release the card so we can dump it’s efi part.

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  1. craig 9 years ago

    This is excellent news! Great work cindori.

  2. tangles 9 years ago

    Hi Cindori,

    I’m using a flashed XFX 4870 in a 2008 MacPro (with your help), but I had to pull it out as code exists in Aperture 2.1 that rejects it…

    i.e. it launches fine but throws up an error saying the gpu is “not capable” of running Aperture etc etc.

    I think it might be to do with the extra 512MB of RAM on the gpu because the gpu’s id should match whatever it’s looking up.

    Perhaps Apple might use this technique across all it’s software to circumvent hackintosh efforts. (let’s hope not!)



  3. tory burch sandals 7 years ago

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