efi firmware hack for 2009 mac pro

efi firmware hack for 2009 mac pro
May 12, 2011 Oskar

some may know that I was trying to make a firmware hack earlier to update 2009 MP with 2010 EFI, allowing for hex core CPU support
it was a bit tedious without even owning the machine though.

But finally one person solved it:

a note about this:

Mac Pro 2009 and Mac Pro 2010 is the exact same machine.
They are physically identical.

The ONLY thing separating them, is that the 2010 has a firmware that supports new CPU’s.

So about 2 megabyte data is the only different thing.

Every PC-motherboard manufacturer released this update for free.

Apple chose to release the same hardware but with this update as the “Mac Pro 2010 model” instead of releasing the update for free.

This is because Apple does not encourage users to upgrade their own hardware.
Something that is a bit contradicting considering that “upgradeability” is one of the big sale arguments for the Mac Pro.

This hack works. It uses Apples own software to replace the computers 2009-firmware with the 2010-firmware.

It might not be practical for most users, but it’s a proof of concept to show where the power over our machines should be – in the hands of the users, not Apple.

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