Disk Sensei is now Sensei

Disk Sensei is now Sensei
December 17, 2019 Oskar

Released in 2015, Disk Sensei was the first iteration in our venture to create a versatile performance tool that expanded on the existing feature set in Trim Enabler. We wanted to create a swiss-army knife of Disk performance and monitoring tools to help Mac users improve their performance.

Disk Sensei has been an absolute success. Reaching hundreds of thousands of Mac users, it’s our most popular Mac app during 2015-2019.

As we’ve tried to support the app through the years, it became apparent that there was too much legacy code. Made to support macOS all the way back to 10.9 (Mavericks), it was developed in Objective-C and poorly optimized for later versions of macOS. We decided that there was only two ways forward: Cancel the app or start working on a new one. A complete rewrite, made for modern macOS.

We chose the latter. And the result is Sensei.

Sensei builds on all the concepts of Disk Sensei, but expands to cover every single piece of hardware in your Mac, from battery to GPU. Featuring brand new features and design, it’s made completely from scratch, not sharing one line of code with Disk Sensei, and has taken over a year of full-time development to build.

Sensei is now in early access, and will release on the 15th of January.
We’re sure that any Disk Sensei user is going to love Sensei, so there will be options for Disk Sensei owners to upgrade your license.

You can find Sensei here: