Disk Sensei 1.1 Update

Disk Sensei 1.1 Update
May 15, 2015 Oskar

Disk Sensei Update 1.1 is here, and it brings a big overhaul to the Visual feature, as well as several bug fixes.

  • Major improvements to the Visual feature:
  • Better performance (up to 50% less CPU and RAM usage)
  • Much faster navigation
  • New beautiful transitions (try holding Alt while clicking!)
  • More detailed drawing
  • Improved user interface
  • Sidebar now resizes properly
  • Fixed some issues with sidebar selection
  • Fixed an issue where scan would never complete
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Improved the size of the chart
  • Added tutorials
  • Added fullscreen support
  • Health now loads properly for PCIe drives
  • Improved Health calculation
  • Fixed several crash issues

Improved visualization transitions

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  1. Thomson 4 years ago

    From where to download Disk Sensei 1.1 Update?Don’t see a link

  2. Frans 4 years ago

    Disk Sensei does not recognize the manufacturer of my SSD (a TS512GSSD370) which is a Transcend. Works perfectly with Startech Sata III card (PEXMSATA3422) in a Mac Pro 5.1. Disk Sensei works perfectly. Great job!