Control Center 2.1.2 Update

Control Center 2.1.2 Update
October 11, 2014 Oskar

Long overdue but finally here, Control Center 2.1.2 update brings some important bug fixes.

  • Fixed an issue where Control Center would crash on launch when using certain desktop monitors
  • Fixed an issue with the Timer Widget not triggering
  • Fixed an issue where Control Center would use too much memory

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  1. Ed Peterson 5 years ago

    Using Control Center 2.1.2 tweaks, I have used the option to hide the desktop icons a couple times, but now they are completely gone from view. I can still access the desktop icons by selecting the Finder, but flipping the option to display/notDisplay no longer brings them back. I have reinstalled Yosemite with no luck.

    This is an obvious bug that needs to be addressed. In the mean time, how can I use Terminal to get the display back?

  2. Marco 5 years ago

    Same problem here Ed Peterson, can’t get my icons to reappear. Really disappointed that such a obvious bug is not fixed. Restarted several times. Got the app from Macheist, thought it sounds nice. Just going to delete it now after this.

  3. Jim 5 years ago

    I’m having an issue when trying to customize the color scheme. I change the primary text color. But when I try to change the secondary color, the primary color reverts back. And it’s not just limited to those buttons. I can’t change more than one color without the one I just changed reverting back. Any suggestions?

  4. mayahustle 5 years ago

    My bad, fellas. Should have posted in this in the Bugs forum.

  5. William Brandom 5 years ago

    I bought your TRIM app. Works OK. I bought control center but I have no way to close the app on screen and no way to have it sit in the background. I have no X at the bottom of my Control Center screen. Is the only way to have it taking up space on my desktop is to power down my computer and NOT engage control center? You need instructions on how to do something with this app. I find no information, anywhere,