ATI Radeon 6870 package

ATI Radeon 6870 package
June 28, 2011 Oskar

Here is all you need to get ATI Radeon 6870 working on your Mac Pro or Hackintosh 10.6.7 or above.

ATI 6870 package

just added a bin image to netkas ATY_Init, should work for most card models.

if you are on Lion, you ONLY need to install the ATY_init.

This should work with Steam, DVD Player etc without crashing.

what doesnt work with this ATY init:
– second dvi port
– dvi->vga adapter on upper dvi port, for vga displays you will need active mdp->vga

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  1. playmac 8 years ago

    Is there patch for the flashed 5870 displayport issue on 10.6.8 ?
    I use a mac pro ,not Hackintosh.

  2. Cindori 8 years ago

    nope, thats apples job

  3. FFder1. 8 years ago

    Works fine with my XFX 6870 Black Edition in my MacPro 2009.

  4. Tom 8 years ago

    Thank you so much!

  5. Trudel 8 years ago

    Hey I’m thinking about getting a 6870. Do you think it’s safe to say it will work with Lion?

  6. Tom 8 years ago

    – MacPro 3,1 (that’s early 2008)
    – Mac OS X 10.6.8 (10K540)
    – ATI Radeon 6870 HD 1GB by Saphire

    Works fine with 32 AND 64-bit kernel on my Mac (more info @

    Also, no more crashes with the mentioned applications and Ableton Live!

    I’m a happy man.


    I think I saw somebody post (can’t remember where) about running the developer release of Lion successfully with an 6870 and the previous drivers. That won’t make it “safe” of course, but it’s maybe a good sign.

  7. KB 8 years ago

    I’m noticing some slow downs in browser and finder.

    Is there any way to remove the ATY_Init kext to test if that was the issue?

  8. chan 8 years ago


  9. Cindori 8 years ago

    system/library/extensions , just trash it
    repair disk perm after

  10. shongohan 8 years ago

    Sorry CIndori I dont like that you annoy me
    but the aty_init.kext is not working in my macpro 1,1 with my card…

    again black screen… may be is required some minor
    retouch of the .plist in this case or… I dont know…
    the thing is that I have tried and is black as in every previous attempt.
    First time I tried do by myself with plist editor but the app
    gave me error, the bin image seem very big to paste in data field… then I tried pasting with texteditor after that
    two persons in the blog tried to help me but nothing still black screen…. Can I do some thing? thanks!

  11. shongohan 8 years ago

    I want to apologize but my case can be good for others

    The thing was that I forgot that some people says about problem in the 6870 ports in OSX

    and yes that was the problem with aty_init.kext

    When I change to the other DVI port then the screen switch on again! ohhh my gooooddd

    Only that…

    sorry to every people that have read my posts 🙁

    best regards


  12. shongohan 8 years ago

    oops and the most important thing
    thank you very much for this kext and for support me !!!

  13. R0M 8 years ago

    So what’s the deal with Lion GM?
    Is the package still works?
    Is it still needed at all?

  14. FFder1. 8 years ago

    My Mac Pro freezes regularly with this new drivers!
    Often in connection with iTunes.
    What can I do?

  15. David Lindegren 8 years ago

    You say that dvi-vga doesn’t work on the upper dvi.. what about the lower?

  16. Cindori 8 years ago

    try and report

  17. David Lindegren 8 years ago

    heh.. simple solution: The apple vga-dvi converter has these four pins that have to have corresponding holes in the socket. My card doesn’t have that in the upper slot so it would only fit in the lower DVI anyway. But it didn’t work. Buying a minidp – vga tomorrow for my “extra screen”.

  18. Mytch 8 years ago

    Thanks for this package !
    Work with a Macpro 3.1 (2008), SL 10.6.8 32bits kernel and a Sapphire 6870 (11179-09-20G).
    No prob with steam, dvd player etc
    Cinebench OpenGL 25,93
    LuxMark : 3188

  19. Anonymous Tester 8 years ago

    Working fine with XFX Radeon HD6870
    in Macpro 3.1 with OS 10.6.5 and 10.6.8

  20. David lindegren 8 years ago

    I also get the “iTunes slowdown”. The computer almost grinds to a halt, but it never stops, it just gets very very slow while iTunes is active. Works like à charm again once iTunes is shut down.

  21. Mytch 8 years ago

    Same problem here with iTunes and Quicktime. Need to wait a minute or so for the cmd+q to take effect. Or killing the app via SSH.
    After reboot it work great and slow down again when using those apps for a little while.

  22. David Lindegren 8 years ago

    VGA works via a mini DP-adapter, so now I have two screens again 😉

  23. Anonymous Tester 8 years ago

    Looks like I can’t connect more than 2 Displays at once.
    Whenever I connect a third Display via HDMI or Displayport my main Screen on the Dual Link DVI connector turns Black.

    Any suggestions welcome. Thanks

  24. Saitou Hajime 8 years ago

    will this also work for a RADEON HD6850?

  25. Bob 8 years ago

    Hi, great site.

    I’m a newbie to pc cards in Mac.

    Will this card probably work in my Mac Pro 3.1 (early 2008) with this package ?


    And how about a Radeon 6970?
    Allready supported?

    The Saphire 6870:

  26. Saitou Hajime 8 years ago

    I took the plunge and installed the kext, it works for a Sapphire ATI Radeon HD6850

    Thanks Cindori for your great work.

    Off to play Portal 2 and TF2

  27. Name (required) 8 years ago

    still new to all this. have a sapphire 6870 on a macpro 1,1 it works under 10.6.7 with the recorded pitfalls(no bootscreen, no steam-cider etc) so i set up a partition installed 10.6.8, installed the above package, rebooted – nothing just a lovely black screen. Am using dvi-vga connector. have tried both ports on the card. Any help?

  28. TimDE 8 years ago

    @ #27

    Did u plug the 2 pci power adapter ?

    For me the XFX6870 works fine in my macpro

  29. from#27 richard 8 years ago

    just removed the ATY_Init.kext…..working fine now. and FARCRY2 now works as well BRILL. will be testing soon in lion.

  30. planter 8 years ago

    6870×2 will only run 1 core it seems. Stick to the single. Just a side note,. I bought one and returned it. Thanx for all the good stuff Cindori ..the 6870×1 powers on !

  31. Bob 8 years ago

    Sapphire ati radeon 6870 1Gb works natively in Lion.
    No need to use the 6870 package on my Mac pro 3.1
    Aty_init slowed down openGl tremendously.
    14 fps in Cinebench. When I deleted Aty_int: 33 fps in cinebench. Lion has kext extensions for ati5000 and ati 6000 series.

  32. ive 8 years ago

    does anyone know if any of the Radeon HD HD 69XX series cards work with Lion?

  33. wojtek 8 years ago

    Does the 6870 card work quietly in OSX?

  34. Tom 8 years ago


    Yes, it does. At least with my configuration (see above).

  35. Dave 8 years ago

    After having very bad luck with my Sapphire 4890 New Edition and various kexts etc, I decided to go XFX this time and snagged the standard (non-black edition) XFX HD 6870. This card works “driverless” in my Mac Pro 1,1. Open GL games, DVD player etc. work just fine. However, because I also still have my NVidia card install to run additional screens some programs report they are running on the Nvidia card (but then *appear* to run properly on the Radeon card anyway. The Amnesia game demo is a clear example of this). I don’t know if Open CL is working on it or not (but seeing as nothing really uses it, it isn’t a big deal at this point). Unfortunately, as other’s have noted, I can’t get more than 2 of the ports to function simultaneously. (To make this even more fun, the ports which appear to work properly on the Mac appear to be conflicting in Windows 7 64bit, but hopefully I’ll eventually find some combination of ports that works properly in both environments). So my current configuration is 1 HDMI port to my DLP projector (works great in both Mac and Windows), and a DVI monitor that has to be hooked to the top DVI port in Windows 7 and to the bottom DVI port in Lion…. Not ideal. I’ll test further and see if some other combination of ports works in both environments, but have already tested extensively and it isn’t looking good at this point… So a real mixed-bag overall, but still a much better solution than the 4890 and somewhat faster in Windows games.

  36. Dave 8 years ago

    Errrr. I forgot to say “works “driverless” in my Mac Pro running LION. (Further note; I am also testing with a mini display port to DVI adapter).

  37. Dave 8 years ago

    After another hour or so of testing, it looks to me like the problem with which DVI port works in mac/vs windows might be a driver conflict. Disabling my Nvidia card in windows *appears* to have resolved some “could not initialize direct x” errors that I was getting.

  38. Matt 8 years ago

    Everything working under Lion except World of Warcraft is freezing at the menu and I’m unable to close it down, hard reset required and then Lion starts it back up again with the same issue.

    Anyone else having issues or know of a fix?

  39. Johan 8 years ago

    Installed a HIS 6870 #H687F1G2M in a late 2006 1,1 Mac Pro model. No DVI screen picture at all with OS 10.6.7. Update to 10.6.8 => seems to work on both DVI ports (at least) without any extra firm- or software. All programs tested so far works except DVD-player. Journler required update from 2.5.5 to 2.6.0. Startup screen is black. Have not yet tried the “6870 package” above. So far so good …

  40. Matt 8 years ago

    Seems my 6870 was faulty causing everything to crash, including things in Windows. Got a replacement and everything is working perfectly!

    Thanks so much for this! Lets hope to see even more graphic card support in Lion.

  41. Cleveland 8 years ago

    So I installed a Sapphire 6870 into my Mac Pro 3,1 (2008). After I installed the above package and the ATI Graphics update and it finally worked under SL 10.6.8. I noticed others say they have both DVI ports working, but I can only get one to work and