Apple blocks out old hardware from FCP X

Apple blocks out old hardware from FCP X
June 26, 2011 Oskar

If you have a Mac Pro with ATI 2600HD or Nvidia 7300GT and you try to download Final Cut Pro X from App Store, you will get a popup saying that your GPU is too old to run the software.

Nothing but a cheap blow from Apple to force people buying new stuff.

A user on Hardmac reports;

“Yesterday I was unable to install Final Cut Pro X on my Dual-Core Mac Pro Intel Xeon rev. 1.1 (from September 2006) because the graphics card is not compatible with OpenCL. I created a session with my name on a friend’s recent MacBook Pro and bought it with my iTunes account to test it on his computer and buy it on mine after would have changed the graphics card. Today I put the MacBook Pro in target mode to transfer some video files.

Then, from my Mac Pro, opened the Application folder of the MacBook Pro and I was able to launch the Application! I then copied it in the application folder of my Mac Pro and tried to launch it again, it worked! I went to the software update menu and the other softwares were installed!”

Of course it will run kinda slow, but for people wanting to try it out, they should at least have a chance to do so.



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