about apple’s 5870

about apple’s 5870
August 12, 2010 Oskar

apple’s 5000 cards are modded
normal 5000’s have 2 DVI, 1 HDMI and 1 DP
apples 5000 have 1 DVI, 2 DP


apples 5870 are pretty ok in price, $449. but remember, to attach a dual link DVI display to a DP port, you need an active adapter. those are expensive, about $100.

so apple’s card will be very expensive if you have monitors larger then 24″ that are not from apple.

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  1. Weust 9 years ago

    But this only counts for people using three monitors, right?
    Using only one monitor with DVI is fine too I hope, or is a DP monitor needed to even be able to get a picture? That would be odd.

    (Tezro on the macrumors forums)

  2. Cindori 9 years ago

    no, of course a DVI monitor can be run by the 1 DVI port

  3. Weust 9 years ago

    Thought that 🙂
    Understandable that Apple uses more DP dan DVI ports.

  4. Wip 9 years ago

    What do you mean, requires expensive active adapters? To attach a non-dual-link display, won’t the $29 Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter work fine?

  5. Cindori 9 years ago

    you are right, I left out that this affects only dual link. Ive edited now.

  6. Thomas Hancock 9 years ago

    Will Zeus 2.0 work now for 5000 cards? Also, besides Asus, what other brand of cards in the 4800 line not work for the Zeus 2.0 auto-creation of a mac rom?

  7. Cindori 9 years ago

    zeus is using flasher core that is programmed for a certain firmware chip.
    if 5000 cards use this chip, I dont know. maybe some. maybe none.
    I only know 1 guy that have tried to flash with zeus, and it did not work for him.
    true 5000 support might come a few months after 2010 mac pro release.

    for second question, I don’t know. there are 10 manufacturers with like 15 differend 4800 cards each. but if you want me to guess, I think that zeus can make rom for any brand besides asus. but you always want to be safe, so stick to cards close to reference design. if you want a 100% brand, it would be sapphire.

    zeus will tell you if it can’t make a working rom from your firmware file. at least so far, no one has reported that a zeus-automatic firmware has bricked their card.