6870 firmware & zeus support

6870 firmware & zeus support
August 20, 2011 Oskar

netkas comes trough yet again, like with the 5870 series where he made a ROM from the iMac firmware, he once again made a ROM, now for 6870!

cons of this process:
only 64-bit efi, no go for Mac pro 2006 / 2007. for you guys, wait until real apple 6000-cards is released

pros of this process:
boot screen!

the discussion is here

in time for this, I have prepared a test version of Zeus for flashing 6870 cards. please help out testing
Zeus 6870 flasher test version

update: first results are in, new zeus version confirmed to support 6000 series

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  1. Ludor 8 years ago

    Amazing stuffs! But, what you’re calling a 2006/2007 Mac Pro, that includes my MacPro2,1 right? Understandable, but still sad. No money for a new monster this winter.

    What does this mean for us poor 4890-ers? Will you stop supporting it, to force us to upgrade, kind Sir?

    Do you expect the Mac-native 6000 cards to run in a MacPro2,1?

  2. Cindori 8 years ago

    apple 6000 cards will probably contain EBC firmware and thus work in 1,1 – 2,1 macpro. then we can extract that firmware to flash for 1,1-2,1 macpros also.

    4890 QECI updates can be fetched manually from http://www.multiupload.com/ZR1YO9DKXY

    zeus is on ice for a while, working on new ssd tool

    • Paco 7 years ago

      Hi can we, the owners of macpro 1,1 flash a 6870 card to get boot screen?
      If I install chamaleon in order to have mountain lion Will i get boot screen in my card even without flash?

      thanks in advance!

  3. Ludor 8 years ago

    I think I understand. Many thanks!

  4. Planter 8 years ago

    Hey, so im still runnin 2 x 6870s no nothing. By this i mean i run 1 in osx while the other is simply turned off & 2 with xfire in win7….as ive already mentioned a trillion times.
    So, Cindori, if i do this rom fix (& being that i dont give a poop bout bottscreen anyhow)… will i have issues with win7 & xfire afterwards?
    thanx in advance.

  5. ryan 8 years ago

    Just installed a gigabyte 6870 in a macpro 2,1, lion 10.7.1.

    It worked out the box, just plugged it in, FCPX, Motion all work fine

  6. Andre Fröhlich 7 years ago

    Hey guys. Im watching this site for al while and for me its amazing to see whats possible on a Mac.
    I got a MacPro 4.1 running 107.4 and dropped my 4870 and replaced it with a MSI R6870 1GB. Installed the next-Files from this site and – it works like hell! Great stuff. But now, with ML coming up, i will flash my 6870 but don’t know how to do it. Please – can anyone help me do get this done (promise to donate!!!) THX Andre

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