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    Trim Enabler issues

    For some people who are getting “Trim is enabled, but not working” message under 10.7.4 or Mountain Lion, I am…

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    Presenting Freya

    Presenting Freya Mac Firmware Database. Firmware Review System. Mac Firmware Editor. Automatic Firmware Generator.

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    Mountain Lion and Trim Enabler

    … seems to work fine. Just as it did in Dev. Preview 1-4. Update: You might need to change your…

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    New app

    Mac Pro owners rejoice. There is a new app coming. Just for you guys. It’s going to completely change the…

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    Trim Enabler 2.2 Update!

    Also, I’ve had a change to look into why some drives won’t give correct S.M.A.R.T values (questionmark, or “Unavailable”). It…