10.6.4 is out

10.6.4 is out
June 15, 2010 Oskar

Zeus has been updated to carry a QECI downloader for 10.6.4

However, the patch, which is made by netkas, is not yet created, netkas has hinted that he will be done with the patch sometime tomorrow. so for now, the button will give an error message.

For those of you who passed through this flashing thing in bliss, I’m reminding that the QECI patch is the patch you need to re-enable Quartz Extreme and Core Image support for excotic cards, software that manages most of the graphics in OSX.

If you are having issues with a non-excotic card, such as the 4870, you probably still need the 10.6.2 framebuffers and so you should use https://cindori.org/dualdvi.zip

To get the 10.6.4 button in Zeus just press Get Updates in the Driver section.

going on vacation for 1 week tomorrow, so hope this sorts out.

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